JV Football Tonight in Guilford County(9/19/19)

Here are the games we have listed for this evening and some teams OFF this week, or their Varsity team is in an endowment game and again, here is what we have for this week….All Kickoffs set to go at 7pm……

Southeast Guilford(1-2) at Dudley(2-1)

Smith(1-1) at Grimsley(3-1)

Northwest Guilford(2-2) at Southwest Guilford(1-1)

Northeast Guilford(0-2) at Ragsdale(0-2)

Western Guilford(2-1) at Southern Guilford(1-1)

Reidsville(1-0) at Eastern Guilford(1-2)

Northern Guilford(3-0) OFF
Page(1-2) OFF
High Point Christian(1-1) OFF
High Point Central(0-3) OFF
High Point Andrews….No JV team this season…

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