New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll for this Week(9/30/19):Grimsley Whirlies hold down the Top Spot in this week’s poll

New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll for the Week of September 30….Compiled by News and Record/HSXtra staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, who vote along with area coaches……
CLICK HERE to see more Poll Details and as always, go to….. 1. GRIMSLEY
Record: 6-0
Last week: T1
Friday: East Forsyth T2. DUDLEY
Record: 5-1
Last week: 3
Next: Smith, Oct. 11 T2. REIDSVILLE
Record: 5-1
Last week: T1
Friday: Mount Airy

buy cheap generic cytotec online canada pharmacy no prescription 4. NORTHERN GUILFORD
Record: 4-1
Last week: 4
Friday: At No. 9 Northeast Guilford

Record: 3-2
Last week: 5
Friday: At Andrews

Record: 3-3
Last week: 8
Next: At Southern Alamance, Oct. 11

Record: 5-1
Last week: 7
Friday: Charlotte Latin

Record: 3-3
Last week: 10
Friday: At Southwestern Randolph

Record: 3-2
Last week: 6
Friday: No. 4 Northern Guilford

10. PAGE
Record: 1-5
Last week: 9
Friday: West Forsyth

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES (in order of votes received): Ragsdale (2-4), Southern Guilford (3-2), Andrews (4-1), Northwest Guilford (2-3), Western Guilford (3-2).


  1. For the life of me, I cant understand how Page continues to float around in the Top 10…I know they’ve played a brutal schedule, I understand that, but regardless, they’re 1-5..Show some love to Southern Guilford or Western Guilford or Andrews and put them in the Top 10 instead of a 1-5 team!!

  2. Agree on Page i ain’t care if them boys played 6 nfl teams some on now 1-5 is 1-5. Won 1 game no way , these coaches voting are just crazy.

  3. It is a ranking of how good teams are, not what their win/loss record happens to be. That being said I saw Western Guilford play last year and this year and they are a better team this year IMO.

  4. Well hate to break it to you but generally a win loss record is a pretty good indicator of how good a team is unless you play Mallard Creek every week.

  5. Gfan…….I HIGHLY disagree, especially when it comes to amateur sports. Have you ever heard of strength of schedule?

  6. Southeast..get over yourself..I’ve seen Page play and they’re not a top 10 team this year..a good team but not top 10 worthy.

  7. Steve Smith, so you are saying they are not better than Western Guilford and Southern Guilford………

  8. @Steve Smith If Page isn’t a top 10 team, then neither is Eastern Guilford, the team that Page beat soundly and is No. 8 in that poll. Northeast Guilford is also in there, and Eastern Guilford beat Northeast.

    If you’re going to tell us that Page wouldn’t also beat Southwest, Southeast and High Point Christian, you don’t watch much high school football.

    It’s a down year in Guilford County, other than Grimsley. Dudley still isn’t Dudley as they continue to play quarterback roulette every week, and Northern is a step down even from Dudley. It’s Grimsley or bust this year, and we’ll know a lot more about the Whirlies after they play East Forsyth on Friday night.

  9. Grimsley has one of the better one-two punches in the state, when they hit you with Quan Nora(RB) and Chris Zellous(QB)…Those two can get it done, and those two seniors helping Grimsley to get to #1….

  10. This will be in interesting game for a lot of reasons. Someone on another thread said that Grimsley’s best O-lineman broke his leg in their last game and is out. That will more than likely have some kind of impact on the game I would think.

  11. @Reality Check, the starting QB at Dudley is out with an injury I believe. Also, you are right about this being a down year in Guilford County, but I don’t think we will really find out what Guilford County has to offer until playoff time.

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