Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists High School Football Scoreboard – Friday – October 3, 2019

Game of the Week Greensboro Sports Radio: East Forsyth (5-0) at Grimsley (6-0) with Andy Durham and Don Tilley.

UPDATE #7 – 10:40 PM – ALL FINAL

East Forsyth (6-0) – 21
Grimsley (6-1) – 20

West Forsyth (6-0) – 26
Page (1-6) – 7

Northern Guilford (4-2) – 21
Northeast Guilford (4-2) – 35

Southwest Guilford (4-2) – 35
High Point Andrews (4-2) – 14

Western Guilford (4-2) – 45
Graham (0-7) – 0

Ragsdale (2-5) – 6
Glenn (5-2) – 26

Eastern Guilford (3-3) – 42
Southwestern Randolph (2-5) – 13

Southern Guilford (3-3) – 12
Burlington Williams (4-2) – 28

Winston-Salem Reagan (6-0) – 62
Northwest Guilford (2-4) – 15

High Point Central (0-7) – 21
Winston-Salem Reynolds (6-3) – 26

Charlotte Latin (6-0) – 28
High Point Christian (5-2) – 14

Mount Airy (4-2) – 14
Reidsville (6-1) – 45

Pinecrest (5-1) – 0
Richmond County (6-0) – 36

Rockingham County – 33
McMichael – 7

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  1. E Forsyth are who we thought they were as a whirlie fan we proved we can match up with any team in the state. Grimsley has to open up that offense. Tale of two halves. Good luck to both teams the rest of the year.

  2. Wow what a game. Congrats to EF but they knew they were in a game unlike the blowout most of you said it would be. Keep your heads up Whirlies this is great prep for the playoffs.

  3. It was a great game for sure. East Forsyth blew a couple of chances to put the game away early though. The pic 6 that didn’t count and the fumble inside the five. Had East Forsyth scored in those two situations the game would have been essentially over. East Forsyth was also exposed a bit. Their run defense is an issue for them and the offense wasn’t consistent. Lastly, the Nora kid……he should get some D1 offers from this game alone. He was a workhorse. Very impressive.

  4. Grimsley was want a pat on the back for playing it close? Good job Grimsley you played them close. Really you choked! Had the game won and blew it. If East Forsyth doesn’t shoot themselves in the foot on the 100 yard pick 6 or fumbling going into the endzone the score is may 35-14. So good job Grimsley. All the reporters in the State are kissing your butt and telling you congratulations if you want to be great you need people telling you you blew it. Now go to work or next time you’ll blow it again. The Conference is yours but if you think Page is going to lay down you’re out of your mind. Again Good Job

  5. Well Page brutal schedule is over, they should win every game in the conference except against Grimsley. Way too many injuries

  6. Quan Nora said in our discussion back on Thursday night that he had no offers….I agree with the previous comment…He should have some offers come rolling in now…He is a very strong and fast runner and he showed some determination last night that we had not seen from him previously this season….He was running with a sense of urgency and he made it work….Grimsley had to start playing with a bit of that urgency, to get back in the game…

    The second half at Jamieson last night was in some ways, at least to me, a microsim of what we saw from the Southeast Guilford Falcons in their 3 key playoff games last season…SEG vs. Dudley, Eastern Guilford and Cleveland, all games at SEG…

    The comebacks by SEG in those games were off the charts and Grimsley’s comeback last night, although not all the way back, it was like what we were seeing last year at Bill Slayton Stadium, except we were seeing it last night, at Bob Jamieson Stadium…

    Lastly, I am glad we chose to broadcast that game last night…It was filled with energy and excitement and if we didn’t go there and call the game on GreensboroSports Radio, we would sitting around and looking at that 21-20 score and wondering how that game turned out that way, but now we know…

    Thanks to Coach Darryl Brown and Coach Todd Willert…You guys had your young men ready to play and we all were treated to a “whale of a game”…Also thanks to Grimsley AD Ethan Albright and assistant AD Clayton Nance for the accommodations….

  7. Don’t be too surprised if Page wins Metro 4A again this year. Trust me….I know Grimsley is legitimate…think highly of Coach Brown and good players. Just know anything can happen in HS football in a game like this.

    Page needs to get healthy and recover from what many may say is one of the most brutal non-conference schedules around. Combined record for the teams they have played is 34-9 with 2 being defending state champions in NC and VA.

  8. Like both nora and zellous first game i ever saw them. Think nora is a college player. Shocked no offers hope he gets some soon. Keep playing hard kid all you can control.
    Does he have d2 or naia?

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