Game Report on WS Reagan at Northwest Guilford HS from Megan Harkey with Northwest Horizons

Game Report on WS Reagan at Northwest Guilford HS
courtesy of Megan Harkey, with Northwest Horizons, the Northwest Guilford High School, student newspaper….

Tonight, at Northwest Guilford’s Homecoming football game, Reagan did not go easy on the Vikings. The Raiders won 15-62 and quickly gained a heavy lead in the first half.

Eight seconds into the game Reagan’s junior Tazhae Woods made an 70-yard run to the 10 yard line. Senior Daniel Moyer Jr. was then able to capitalize on his effort and scored a touchdown and the extra point was made by senior Gabriel Hollingsworth.

Northwest’s offense did not come out as strong. On the next possession, Reagan’s junior Gavin Brandon recovered junior Micah Salmon’s fumble. This lead to a run to the 24 yard line by Hollingsworth and another touchdown for the Raiders, by junior Bryson Canty.

With 9:30 left in the first quarter, the Raiders were leading 0-14, but Northwest stepped up their defense on the next few plays. Senior Brandon Thomas started the momentum with a pass interception and the boys got to the opposing 20 yard line. After another possession change due to Raider senior Josh Green’s interception, the Vikings were able to grasp a touchdown with four minutes left in the first. Junior Carson Cassetty scored the first points and Salmon kicked for the extra point.

With the Vikings looking for a comeback, the Raiders did not show weakness. The next possession got them another touchdown.

After Northwest’s kickoff, Moyer was able to run to the opposing 15 yard line and junior Zach Shaw scored on the third down. With a successful extra point by senior CJ Hill, the score was 7-21 to end the quarter.

The second quarter was a defensively dominated quarter, as another touchdown wasn’t scored until there was under a minute left in the half.

Junior Shamar Revel, and seniors Lamar Williams and Trevor Willard showed Reagan’s defensive strength with multiple tackles. While freshmen Bristol Carter’s interception and junior Hudson James and senior Steven Vega’s defensieve strengths held back the Raiders from scoring.

In the final minute of the half, Reagan scored two more touchdowns from the offensive efforts of Revel and Woods. Both extra points were scored by Hill for a 7-35 Raider lead.

At halftime, the Northwest Guilford Homecoming court was announced. Seniors Kema Lenoard and Anna Blake were announced king and queen for the 2019 court.

Reagan came out strong in the third quarter with two full field runs by Woods and Hollingsworth. Woods’ touchdown was dismissed with a violation, but Hollingsworth was able to secure it with an 80 yard run. The score was now a staggering 7-42 with 10:45 left in the third quarter.

Thomas of the Vikings scored with four minutes to go in the quarter and junior Cosie Pagano scored the two point conversion.

The Vikings were not able to catch up with the Raiders as they got three more touchdowns in the final half. Hollingsworth and Canty scored them and the final score was 15-62.

“When you get a lead sometimes it’s easy to let off the gas and lose your momentum, but our guys did a great job tonight,” Raiders Head Coach Josh McGee said.

He is proud of the team for continuing the game strong against the Vikings in preparation for their grueling conference season.

“It gets tougher from here; our league is tough and each game is going to be a battle,” McGee said, “but it’s about us and finding a way to make ourselves better each week,”

McGee is looking for fewer turnovers in Reagan’s play. Their mistakes allowed offensive shifts for the Vikings throughout the game.

Junior Cam Carter is keeping his hopes up for the Viking season after their loss.

“We just got to keep our heads up; it didn’t go as we wanted, but we have to learn from our simple mistakes and do better next week in our first conference game,” Carter said.

Coach Kevin Wallace wants the team to stay healthy as conference play approaches and wants to work on conditioning more in future practices to keep them in shape.

“(Northwest) is going to be just fine, they play really hard and they’re going to be right where they need to be in a couple years,” McGee said.

McGee sees the Vikings as a program with a bright future.

“Wallace did an outstanding job,” McGee said. “He’s an unbelievable football coach with a very young team.”