JV Football Tonight in Guilford County(10/10/19):Northern Guilford(4-0) at Eastern Alamance(5-0)

JV Football Tonight for our Guilford County teams with kickoffs going at 7pm….

Northern Guilford(4-0) at Eastern Alamance(5-0)
Dudley(4-1) at Smith(1-2)
Northwest(2-4) at Page(1-5)
Grimsley(4-2) at Morehead(4-1)
Western Guilford(3-2) at Mount Tabor(2-3)
WS Parkland(1-3) at Southwest Guilford(3-3)…..Game on Wednesday Night…Looking for that score….
Rockingham County(2-2) at Northeast Guilford(0-4)
Eastern Guilford(3-3) at Asheboro(2-3)
Southern Alamance(5-1) at Southeast Guilford(2-3)
Southern Guilford(3-1) at Southwestern Randolph(0-5)

Ragsdale(3-2) OFF
High Point Andrews…Does not field a JV Team…
High Point Central(0-3)


  1. Southwest Guilford did not play a game versus HP Central. Therefore we could not have lost 63-0, hence, our record should stand at 4-2 after last night’s game against Parkland.

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