Grimsley beats Northwest in the last Viking home game:Nora and Zellous way too much for NWG “D”, as Megan Harkey breaks down Senior Night from Northwest Guilford HS

Grimsley beats Northwest Guilford in the last Viking home game
Courtesy of Megan Harkey, with Northwest Horizons, student newspaper for Northwest Guilford High School

The Grimsley Whirlies (8-1) beat the Northwest Vikings (2-7) with a score of 68-35. Their strong opening gave the Whirlies a large initial lead.

At the Viking senior night, Grimsley quickly scored three touchdowns in the first quarter. These Grimsley scorers including seniors Christofer Zellous and Quan Nora, along with later offensive game from junior Lawson Albright, dominated the game.

Although the Vikings were not able to score in the first, they came out strong in the second quarter and made a touchdown within the first 13 seconds. Junior Micah Salmon’s pass to senior Brandon Thomas gave a boost to Northwest.

However, the Viking’s defense was not able to stop two more touchdowns; one being a run off of a Northwest pass interception by Grimsley’s junior Myles Gowens. By the middle of the second, the score was 35-7.

Another comeback attempt from the Vikings came from offensive and defensive improvements. Before the half, Salmon made two assists for junior Carson Cassetty for two more Viking touchdowns. Junior Cameron Tippett was able to succeed in a second and third extra point kick as well.

Another score from the Whirlies came in between the two Viking touchdowns, by Nora from Grimsley. Junior kicker Jake Henry was also able to get the extra point.

The Viking defense was able to hold back the Whirlies until the final seconds when Zellous scored again, for a first half score of 21-48.

The second half started off with an unorganized offense by the Vikings, which allowed the Whirlies to capitalize on their mistakes. Nora’s footwork and speed got him to the end zone for the fourth time of the night. This led to another run by Grimsley with two more touchdowns for Zellous and two more successful kicks for Henry.

In the last minute of the third, the score was 21-68 and the Vikings became more frantic in their offense.

They ended the game on a high note with two touchdowns by Cassetty and junior Cam Carter. The Whirlies did not score in the final minutes, but were still able to celebrate their hard earned win of 35-68.

Before the game, Northwest seniors were honored by their families, coaches and principal Ralph Kitley. Seniors included Thomas, Landry Garris, Davon Stewart, Stephen Vega and Alex Distefano.

3 thoughts on “Grimsley beats Northwest in the last Viking home game:Nora and Zellous way too much for NWG “D”, as Megan Harkey breaks down Senior Night from Northwest Guilford HS

  1. If the red didn’t swallow his whistle at least the first 3 NWG touchdowns should have been disallowedb due to an obvious push off that should have been flagged for offensive pass interference. Luckily it did not matter and a fun time was had by all!!

  2. Gfan not sure what you were watching…

    Your program has done nothing for years so what you SHOULD DO is show a little class before you get THUMPED IN PLAYOFFS so you want have to eat so much crow when you go back to your yearly sub .500 seasons like you have done for the most 30 years.

  3. We can live for the most part with fans getting on each other, but we don’t want fans cracking on the kids or the coaches…

    We do need to stay away from that…

    Keep the trash in the barrell…

    No time to be hopping on the kids’ back….

    Here is a good thought…

    Let’s leave the calls on the players to the officials/referees….

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