High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Holiday Edition and backtracking Round Three of the NCHSAA Playoffs(Looking back and Looking ahead)/Do we have more predictions???

East Forsyth at Grimsley this Friday night and do we have MORE Predictions???

We only have a couple of games to look back at today, and we could say we are little bit late getting the Saturday morning November 30 edition of the Saturday Morning Rewind up here late due to the fact that it is the Weekend, but we always have the Rewind up here on the Weekend…We could use the excuse that we are going a bit slower today due to the fact that this is the Holiday Edition, but that is not a valid offering, so let’s just pack away the excuses, and save them for Christmas morning and here comes the, here comes the, here comes the Saturday Morning Rewind…..Later than Sooner…..

CLICK HERE for Grimsley-Glenn, from Joe Sirera at the News and Record’s HSXtra section….
Coach’s Quote:
“We felt like it would be hard for them to drive the football on us and we didn’t want to give up any big plays. … Coming into the East Forsyth game (a 21-20 loss Oct. 4), our kids definitely felt they could play with them. That says a lot about East Forsyth and the program they have, because that’s the standard we want to be at. That’s what we’ve been working to get to. Our guys left that game thinking, ‘OK, we can play with anybody in the state.’ We know we have to play well and we can’t make mistakes. They’re a really well-coached football team.”Darryl Brown, Grimsley coach

For a bonus and this is a good way to get cracking and tracking for next week, CLICK HERE for Spencer Turkin, at the News and Record HSXtra section and he will give us the Game Report on East Forsyth at Grimsley. from back on October 4…In looking back, we can be looking ahead to next week’s BIG Matchup with East Forsyth at Grimsley, for the NCHSAA 4-A West Regional Title…..Again, a great way to be looking back, but still be looking ahead, to next Friday night 7:30pm, at Jamieson Stadium…We will have the game right here for you on, GreensboroSports Radio…..

Well for this morning, one game down and just one more to go….

CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy on Ragsdale at East Forsyth, at the HSXtra Section of the News and Record…..
Notable Notes and Quotes from the coaches….
“I couldn’t be prouder of our kids. The hardest part of (building) a team is getting people to deny themselves for the sake of the team. But you can’t do that unless you give. And before you give, you’ve got to love.”Johnny Boykin, Ragsdale coach

“One thing we know, Coach Boykin … Johnny’s a great coach, man. And they made some great halftime adjustments, kind of sold out for the run and kind of hit us in the mouth offensively those first two times. But we responded. I think Coach (Ronnie) Horton had some great play calls, and to grind out that win was just spectacular.”Todd Willert, East Forsyth coach

++++++++++That is it for this week, but we are in the process of digging up some more game news on other games from Friday night, that you might be interested in…That Myers Park Mustangs at Richmond County Raiders game sounds like it was the REAL DEAL last night…++++++++++

CLICK HERE for Brevard at Reidsville, coming in from Jim Sands with the News and Record’s HSXtra Section from Rockingham County Now….A lot of fans are getting ready to rally around Reidsville and here they come again, the Reidsville Rams….
“Like I said last week, it’s a great time to be playing. It’s food, fun and football and then getting to play a quality opponent like Brevard the day after Thanksgiving is fun. We had to grit it out and find a way to win. Credit our guys. They found a way to get it done. … I think we found a couple of things that we could run against them and we just kept going back to it, and I think that helped us.”Jimmy Teague, Reidsville coach

CLICK HERE for David Kehrli at the Burlington Times-News on the Eastern Alamance win at Havelock….
EA Eagles coach John Kirby on his team only giving up 7 points to powerful Havelock….
“Our defense played extremely well. I can’t say enough,” Eastern Alamance coach John Kirby said. “To give up one score to these guys here.”

Some pretty neat video on Will Shipley, from Weddington High School and his similarities to Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers….I was just talking earlier in the week with Steve Warren, from Steak n Shake and Gateway Management, and he was telling me the same thing….Will Shipley very similar to Christian McCaffrey…

CLICK HERE for Myers Park at Richmond County….35-32 Richmond County the winner from Herb White at the Charlotte Observer….
“We needed a stop when we got it to 24-13, and we didn’t. They came down and scored. That was probably the biggest possession of the game there.”Scott Chadwick(Myers Park Mustangs coach) on when the game turned.


  1. Take a good look at the your next Head Coach Page. He will be the defensive coordinator for the East Forsyth Eagles Friday! East is still dominating with 12 starters on IR. If Page gets coach Beal from East they will return to State Championship contenders in a matter of no time!

  2. Pretty sure that Coach Beal does not have the teaching certificate and not sure if he is interested in going that route…

    He has been very happy at East Forsyth over the past several seasons and that may change, but pretty sure he has his own business and he is an outside the school coach and not a teaching part of the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School System…

    His plans may change, but the times we have talked with him in the past, he has been happy to be at East Forsyth….

    Excellent coach and still a young coach….

    Part of this interesting run for Grimsley has been they have seen some of the opposing team’s top backs go down and miss the game vs. Grimsley…

    The top back for Page was gone when Grimsley faced the Pirates…The top back for Porter Ridge left the game with injury when Grimsley faced PR…The top back for Glenn(Godfrey), could not go Friday night…The top back for East Forsyth, Marshall, has been out with injury and has missed the last 6 games…Grimsley saw Ahmad Marshall from East the first time, back on October 4, but they might not see him this Friday…

    Sometimes things like this fall into place and it works out perfect for you….East with the absence of Marshall, has see Chris Chaplin and Robbin Smith pick up the slack, and East has had time now to adjust to loss of their big back Marshall…

    Page could for sure feel the loss of Melton, Porter Ridge adjusted and their QB Mason Cox took over and had a big game…Glenn adjusted to the loss of Monterious Godfrey by going to the short pass in the first half, but Grimsley shut that down in the second half….

    Grimsley has made some excellent adjustments over the this past season and they did that same thing vs. East Forsyth back on October 4, in the 21-20 loss, by the Whirlies to the EF Eagles…Grimsley has gone more to the two-point conversion tries over the past two games and that might now be their true point of emphasis on the PAT’s…

    A lot to look at, at Page and at Grimsley…And that never seems to change…..Almost like the ongoing saga of Duke and North Carolina basketball……

  3. Andy, I know a person very close to Coach Beal. Beal is the guy Page needs to make a run at. On a personal note him and his wife own a successful business or 2. He would he in the building all day according to them with a teaching job. The only question is do they want a science teacher or do you want a football coach?

  4. Interesting note from another post…

    Grimsley 21 said,

    1st let me say East Forsyth is not Glenn! The Eagles are always playing their best ball in November and December. People have been talking about not having Marshall & rumor on the street is Marshall and Crowell both 4 stars at East are both going to be back this week.

  5. Coach Beal isn’t leaving East Forsyth people. Why leave a place where you’re in the hunt of winning Rings every year to come to a place with awful parents and fans that will want you fired after 1 bad season?

  6. I have no idea who the Page coach will be, but I do know that the Richmond County vs Myers Park game was on another level in terms of a high school football experience. Lighting system that was synchronized with the music, amazing PA/Sound system, and fireworks before the opening kickoff. They REALLY did it up. If you search on RSHS-Entrance on Youtube there are a couple of clips. Attached to those clips are a couple more as well. With such a tense game and the whole light show and sound system it was an electric environment. Next level.

  7. East Forsyth had 12 guys out last week. Not good coming to our house like that! I think not only does Grimsley win we make it look rather easy.

    Grimsley 38
    East 17

  8. Wondering why a NWG Viking is spouting off…..when is the last time NW has been relevant? Have they ever won a state championship in football? Just asking for my wife’s husband.

  9. Andy..I see it coming down to a defensive stop in the 4th quarter…my prediction is Grimsley 24-EF 20

  10. I feel like the absence of a kicking game could be a key factor in Grimsley being denied. It’s easy to brush it to the side until your are on the 15yd line tied or down 1 and a kick could tie or win the game. When things seem to be so balanced and even between two really really good teams, I could see this coming down to a kick. No dog in the fight just a football fan with an observation.

  11. Kicking Comparison

    Grimsley junior kicker Jake Henry:
    12 games…49-63 PAT kicks/1-1 Field Goals(30 yards)

    East Forsyth sophomore kicker Andrew Conrad:
    13 games…56-61 PAT Kicks/4-8 Field Goals(Long of 26 yards)

  12. I really hope East Forsyth knocks Grimsley out Friday. Should be a great game tho. I see the score looking like the first time

  13. Idk Coach Beal, but to answer NWG fan he should come because Page actually has a great program. Yes he could stay at EF but why not build and start your own dynasty. Page fans are like any other fan when a coach isn’t successful. Rofles declined every season

  14. Hey Page Alum…thanks for your support of Guilford County schools..Some of us pull for any and all GC teams to advance as far as they can in the playoffs. That’s called LOYALTY. Show some respect..was a down year for Page and an up year for the Whirlies..get over yourself.

  15. No Page fan will EVER pull for Grimsley in ANYTHING! You guys have 1 good year and act smug and arrogant! Enjoy it cause the Pirates will be back and when we do I will be right here talking trash still. As far as the game unfortunately Grimsley will win. East has too many injuries. Grimsley 35 East Forsyth 13

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