Page High School hires Doug Robertson as new varsity football coach

Page High School hires Doug Robertson as new varsity football coach.

Page High School is excited to announce the hiring of Doug Robertson as its new head varsity football coach. Doug Robertson is a native of Reidsville, North Carolina and graduated from Reidsville High School. He went on to attend Guilford College where he earned 2nd Team ODAC All-Conference Football honors in 1996 and 1st Team ODAC All Conference honors in 1997. He earned a Master of Education at Delta State University and served as a graduate assistant on the football staff that won the Division II National Championship in 2000.

Coach Robertson has an extensive coaching background serving in both coordinator and head coaching roles. He served as the defensive coordinator at Reidsville High School from 2001-2008. Coach Robertson’s defense helped Reidsville High School win four state championships during this time span. Coach Robertson took over the Reidsville program as head coach in 2009 and helped Reidsville earn the 2009 2AA State Championship. He was named both 2009 2A Mid-State Coach of the Year and the 2009 NC Preps 2A Coach of the Year. Coach Robertson spent one year at Person County in 2012 before taking over the football program at Eastern Guilford from 2013-2018. He led Eastern Guilford to a 15-1 record and finished the season as a 3AA State Finalist in 2016. Coach Robertson earned the Carolina Panthers Coach of the Week honor in 2016, was named the Times News Coach of the Year, and the 2016 Greensboro Sports Guilford County Coach of the Year. Coach Robertson led Eastern Guilford to the 2017 3AA Regional Finals in 2017. He was named Conference Coach of the Year in both 2016 and 2017. He spent the last two years at Thomasville High School and earned 2019 Conference Coach of the Year honors. Coach Robertson is a current North Carolina Football Coaches Association Board Member and was selected as the West Head Coach for the 2020 East-West All Star Football Game.

Doug is married to Erin Robertson and they have two children. His daughter Taylor is graduating high school this year and his son Tate will start high school at Page next fall.

Page High School principal, Erik Naglee issued the following statement.

“We were very impressed with what Coach Robertson stood for both as an educator and as a football coach during our search for the prestigious Page High football coaching position. Coach Robertson has had years of experience molding students and student-athletes inside the classroom at the high school level. We look forward to the presence he will bring to our football program as well as the entirety of Page High School. This will help carry on the rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence at Page High.”

Courtesy of Matt Harder, Page High School Athletic Director

9 thoughts on “Page High School hires Doug Robertson as new varsity football coach

  1. Coach Robertson was the top candidate to replace Coach Kevin Gillespie when Coach Gillespie left Page for Asheboro…Back then, I guess about three years/seasons ago, they couldn’t get all of the details worked out, but this time they did and Coach Doug Robertson will now be leading the Page Pirates’ football team….

  2. After dying a slow death over the last three seasons, divine intervention has taken place. A resurgence of the great Pirate program is about to take place. No more life support. Organization, efficiency, and order will be restored. Everyone must go through trials and tribulations to get to the promised land. Let us scream in joy hallelujah.

  3. This is a great hire! This is what Rusty wanted in the first place a few years back! Thank you Administration for getting it done! Go PAGE!

  4. Great Hire, but this job was actually offered to another coach first, not sure how this came about. Both would have been great. Doug is a HR!!!

  5. Coaching Line on Doug Robertson from Joe Sirera at the News and Record and HSXTra:

    Year-by-year as a head coach






    2013/E. Guilford/7-5

    2014/E. Guilford/7-5

    2015/E. Guilford/5-7

    2016/E. Guilford/15-1

    2017/E. Guilford/12-3



    11 seasons/101-44

    Career highlights

    • NCHSAA Class 2-AA champion at Reidsville in 2009.

    • NCHSAA Class 3-AA finalist at Eastern Guilford in 2016.

    • NCHSAA Class 3-AA East regional finalist at Eastern Guilford in 2017.

  6. Chris Hughes from over at

    Doug Robertson to Page is a great hire, but it came together really quick, in fact, I don’t think Robertson had even put in for the job. I do know the job was offered to multiple coaches (two who declined), and another one who was offered and accepted the job, but they hired Robertson anyway.

  7. Andy, do you know who those coaches were? The 2 coaches who declined the position and the one that accepted but didn’t get hired? Did admin not like the coach that the AD/hiring committee picked, or maybe even not having a teaching position in the building for that coach?

  8. Your guess is as good as mine on this one…All we could do is speculate…Chris Hughes may have an idea, but I don’t have any ideas on this one…

    I do know that Coach Robertson was the top candidate for the Page job when Coach Gillespie left for Asheboro…At the time he could not get it worked out to bring in the assistant coaches that he wanted…

    This time Coach Robertson is bringing in assistants Coach Tim Bagamary and assistant coach Haegan..That should be a big bonus…Both were with Coach Robertson at Thomasville…

    The fans always bring up Coach Beal at East Forsyth when these jobs come open, but Coach Beal would have to get his college degree complete before he could come in and be a classroom teacher…He would have to get all of that in order first unless he got some kind of waiver…Coach Beal will make some school a great head coach one day if decides he really wants to go that route…We would endorse him, that is for sure…

    The top official at Page, their principal Eric Naglee is a huge football man, having been the top punter in Greensboro College history, so you know he wants the football at PAGE to be able to compete with every school in Guilford County and he will do what he has to, to make sure that happens….Mr. Naglee is also listed as one of the top, if not the top punter in USA South Conference history…

    Tim Bagamary, the new Page assistant coach is also a Greensboro College man, and many feel he will be a top-notch head coach one day…Coach Bagamary was a receiver at Greensboro College and he is thought of as one of the top, if not the top receiver in Greensboro College history…Coach Bagamary was at Page when Coach Gillespie was there as the head coach and Coach Bagamary also spent maybe one year on the staff at Northern Guilford..

    I have given you a lot of information, but there is a very good chance that I have not come close to touching on what you are looking for, but this is all I’ve got….

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