High School Basketball Tonight(1/8/2020) Finals:Grimsley and Eastern Guilford split their games at Bob Sawyer Gymnasium/Phil Weaver Court(Dawkins big for EG boys/Tisdale big night for Grimsley girls)

High School Basketball finals tonight from the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium, where they were playing on the Phil Weaver Court, we had:
Eastern Guilford boys 67, Grimsley 66
EG boys(11-4/6-0)/Grimsley(8-5/0-0)

Grimsley girls 49, Eastern Guilford 41
Grimsley(4-8/0-0)/EG girls(2-13/1-5)

Mount Airy boys 64, East Forsyth 56

This is all we have for now, but more details are coming your way on the Eastern Guilford at Grimsley games….Stay tuned to GreensboroSports.com and GreensboroSports Radio….

On the boys game since they played first tonight….
End of 1st Q:Grimsley 23, Eastern Guilford 14(Grimsley Whirlies up by 9 points)…Halftime:Grimsley 38, EG 33(Grimsley up by 5 pts.)
End of 3rd Q:Grimsley 52, EG 51(Grimsley up by 1 pt.)…Final:EG 67, Grimsley 66…EG came all the way back and won it, but both teams struggled at the foul line in the 4th quarter…Grimsley had the ball with 2.4 seconds to play in the contest, down one point and with the ball in Grimsley’s half of the court, and on the Whirlie sideline with the inbounds pass coming from Travis Shaw, and he throws a pass to a Whirlie that was posting up and sliding to his left, but the ball goes past the Whirlies and Grimsley can not convert, therefore this game was done, leaving the Bob Sawyer Gym and the Phil Weaver Court, with an Empty G tonight…

It was a playoff-like atmosphere late in this game, but there were still waaaaay too many missed free throws down the stretch from both sides…But Eastern Guilford prevails and the Wildcats get a season sweep over the Whirlies, as EG took game one back on December 18, 70-57 and now here goes Eastern Guilford stopping Grimsley again tonight, by a mere point 67-66, but they all add up and this adds up to Eastern Guilford over Grimsley dos this season…

In the end game situations, Kamell Smith and KD/Kaden Dawkins were very tough for EG, and Eastern also got a great push from OJ Johnson and Dylan Spencer, plus the Rankin kid was laying it on the line for the EG Wildcats as well….Grimsley got their customary fine performance from team leader Ahmil Flowers, and the Whirlie senior pumped in a game-high 26 points…Daniel Cooper was a dog for Grimsley with 16 points and Big Travis Shaw was working the glass with his patented bank shot, like the glass was the pay-window tonight….Grimsley really didn’t have that fourth or fifth guy step up like EG did late, and that is why EG got the edge at the end….

Game Scoring-Eastern Guilford:KD Dawkins 21 points…OJ Johnson 13 points…Jayron Rankin 10 pts., Kamell Smith 8 pts., Dylan Spencer 7 pts., Chase Ford 3 pts., Jared Womack 3 pts., Josh Whitsett 2 pts.

Grimsley scoring:Ahmil Flowers 26 points, Daniel Cooper 16 points, Travis Shaw 13 points, Ronan Martinek-Jenne 6 points, Jayden Watlington 5 points….

Next up for these teams you have Eastern Guilford at Page and Ragsdale at Grimsley on Friday night….

Grimsley-Eastern Guilford girls:End of 1st Q:Eastern Guilford 12, Grimsley 8…Halftime:Grimsley 24, EG 19…End of 3rd Q:Grimsley 38, EG 24…Final:Grimsley 49, EG 41…
Grimsley scoring:Destonie Tisdale 22 points, Juliana Gwynn 8 points, Saniya Arant 8 pts., Aziyana Bethea 6 points, Tajamirah Russell 3 pts., Lauren Sells 2 pts.

Eastern Guilford scoring:De’Ja Buskey 14 points, Kayla Swain 11 points, Aliyah Cowan 5 pts., Zkyah Majied 4 pts., Haley Haith 2 pts., Tashiya Jeffrey 2 pts., Taylor Mitchell 1 point…

Destonie Tisdale provided a real spark for the Grimsley girls, but it wasn’t just DT, Grimsley also got a shot in the arm from JuJu Gwynn, Saniya Arant, Aziyana Bethea and others….Tisdale was running the court like a wide-open three-wheeler heading down the highway and this was the best game I have seen Tisdale play since she came over to Grimsley, from Kiser…

Tisdale could have scored 40-50 points if she could have got a few more of her shots to go/fall, and she must continue on finishing her shots…Tisdale has that speed-dribble down and she can get ball up the court in a hurry…I think me, Tisdale and Kate Jones could beat anybody in town of equal or smaller height….

Tisdale is coming around, but like I said, she still needs work, but she got some help with Gwynn, Arant and Bethea stepping up…JuJu Gwynn and Saniya Arant were shooting the ball real well from the outside, and Arant hit two 3’s…I wonder is Arant is related to Scottie Arant, the Grimsley Whirlies’ football and basketball star from back in the late 1980’s…She might be a Scottie Arant relative, and Scottie is currently selling cars at the Chevrolet dealership up in Madison(Smart Chevrolet)…Bethea was doing the job inside for Grimsley and she gave the Whirlies some strength in the post/paint….

For Eastern Guilford, Swain and Cowan gave the EG Wildcats a solid backcourt, while Buskey was a force along the interior for the ‘Cats..Buskey was really sort of developing right before our very eyes tonight, and Buskey was getting stronger, as the game was getting longer…She just continued to work the low blocks, and she was using the square on the backboard, to her advantage, while watching her shots go down….

EG at Page on Friday night and Grimsley hosting Ragsdale….Grimsley will have to be careful to not be run out of the building(Bob Sawyer Gym) by Ragsdale, while Eastern Guilford will have a shot at Page, but EG will have to hit a much better percentage of their shots, if they hope to knock off the Page Pirates at home and we are talking about the Grimsley and EG girls for Friday in this appraisal….

The Grimsley boys vs. Ragsdale on Friday will be the first Metro 4-A Conference clash of the season for both clubs on Friday night at the Sawyer Gym, and from what I can tell, this game will be a tossup…Both are good ball teams and maybe you’ll want to lean toward the home team, but you can not count Ragsdale out…Going to a tough one with Ragsdale vs. Grimsley on Friday…

The Eastern Guilford at Page boys game will also be a tossup…Page has played well and Eastern Guilford has played very well so far in 2019-2020…This game may end up in OT….Page is (9-6) coming in and EG is (11-4)…Eastern has tripped up Grimsley twice now, and EG lost to Northwest Guilford by just 2 points and the Wildcats fell to Smith by 8….Page defeated Dudley and the Pirates have lost some close games, and all of this just means, we could be in store for a very good game on Friday night, with Eastern Guilford at Page….EG’s KD Dawkins, Kamell Smith, OJ Johnson, Dylan Spencer and Jayron Rankin will be coming over to Page on Friday night to show everybody what they have…Page will counter hard with Jaden Ellis, Zion Conner(a former Eastern Guilford Wildcat), Jason Sellars, Mike Maxwell, Tyren Farrow, Jonathan Campbell and others, including Whit Edwards, if healthy…So there you have it, and I for one would like to some of the Jaden vs. Kaden matchup…Jaden Ellis vs. Kaden/KD Dawkins….You never know what matchups we will see on Friday night at Page, but this boy’s game has the makings for a great one on Friday, at the Mac Morris Gym…We will see you there on GreensboroSports Radio….

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  1. JV Boys Basketball Final:
    Eastern Guilford HS: 75, Grimsley High School 65

    CoEd Varsity Swimming Final:
    Grimsley High School: 176
    Page HS: 110

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