Holland Auto Care Center Middle School Basketball Tonight Finals for 1/9/2020:Scores from Mendenhall at Kernodle/Other scores coming in(Kiser Girls, CPLA boys, Allen boys, NWG boys/Northern boys/Allen Jay Prep boys and girls/Swann boys and girls checking in)

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Final scores from Today’s Middle School Basketball Games…
We are at the Mendenhall-Kernodle game and here are those results…If have, or know of more scores, send them our way, the More the Merrier..More Scores:Kiser girls beat Allen 37-6. Huge game from Jordan Britt and Nadia VonReichbauer. Kiser girls are now 5-0….College Preparatory & Leadership Academy boys 33, Millenium Charter 1…College Preparatory & Leadership Academy(12-0)
Northwest Guilford Middle boys 50, Jamestown Middle 33
Northern Guilford boys 38, Southeast Guilford 30
Northern Guilford Middle advances to 4-1 with a WIN over Southeastern Guilford Middle, 38-30. Northern’s only loss of the season was by 3 points. Another Big night for Jordan Williams, Michael Juergens, Nas Newkirk, Mason Whitt, and Ayden Johnson, PG, who had 11 points, 4 assists and a rebound.
*****Next Game is against Kernodle.*****
Allen Middle boys 48, Kiser 27
Allen Jay Prep boys 58, Penn-Griffin 38
Allen Jay Prep girls 29, Penn-Griffin 5
Swann Middle boys 48, Northeast Guilford 44
Swann Lions 4-0
Taylor 17
Davis 6
Arant Coleman 7
Sellars 7
Hester 5
Nichols 4
Parker 2
**********Swann Middle School girls 40, Northeast Middle School 36 OT .**********
(This one was tight and it was a close game until the very end, one of those Thrillers, you love to see, and great work turned in by both teams.)

Final:Mendenhall Middle boys 51, Kernodle 34
End of the First Quarter:Mendenhall 10, Kernodle 5…Halftime:Mendenhall 23, Kernodle 13..End of Third Quarter:Mendenhall 42, Kernodle 24…Final:Mendenhall 51, Kernodle 34…
Mendenhall scoring: Mane 18 points, Wiggins 10 points, Sellars 6 pts., Murphy 4 pts., Turner 4 pts., Jackia 2 pts., Bacote 2 pts.
Kernodle scoring: Godfrey 16 pts., Dalton 9 pts., Davis 4 pts., Brown 2 pts., Uggett 2 pts., Osman 1 point…

Mendenhall boys now at (5-0) on the season and from their head man, Coach Sherman, the Mendenhall Mustangs have their sights set on going Undefeated this season…Coach Sherman has been coaching boys and girls basketball at Mendenhall for 11 years and he says this is one of his better teams…This 2019-2020 Mendenhall Mustangs team is playing team ball and this team according to Coach Sherman, is playing and working together like a “Family”…”This is Family Basketball”, says Coach Sherman…

“The toughest team we have faced so far is Southwest Guilford..They are very well coached and they have very solid team”, said Coach Sherman…”We have to go to their place to play them next time and it won’t be easy”…”Southwest Guilford, Jamestown and Southeast Guilford, those look to be the toughest teams in our conference”…

Coach Sherman said that Mane and Wiggins are the best tandem around the county, and with Mane an eighth-grader and Wiggins a seventh-grader, the two will have to “do the do” this season and make this a great year for Mendenhall Middle School Boys Basketball….Coach Sherman said Mane should be headed to Page and Wiggins might be a wildcard…But, with the talk of this year’s team, Coach Sherman said he had coached some very good kids/players over his time with the Mustangs, and two of those would be girls basketball players and those two would be Reagan Kargo, a senior now at Northwest Guilford High School, and Reagan Maynard, a junior at Page High School…”Both Reagans were very good basketball players for Mendenhall”, said Coach Sherman…Another top talent Coach Sherman worked with at Mendenhall was a guard named Isis, and she is now one of the top players for the Glenn Bobcats, one of the top-ranked 3-A girls basketball teams in the state…

Girls Middle School Basketball today at Kernodle….
Final:Mendenhall Middle 51, Kernodle 17
More on the way on this one….
End of 1st Q:Mendenhall 14, Kernodle 4…Halftime:Mendenhall 33, Kernodle 12…End of 3rd Q:Mendenhall 41, Kernodle 15…Final:Mendenhall 51, Kernodle 17…
Mendenhall scoring: Leggett 15 points, Sloyan 9 pts., Carney 8 pts., Lee 6 pts., Smith 5pts., Williams 4 pts., Morehead 4 pts., Brown 2 pts.
Kernodle scoring:Noland 10 points, Vernon 4 pts., Blake 3 pts., Byerly 2 pts.

We had two Southeast Guilford grads coaching against each other in this contest today, at Kernodle Middle School….Leslie Britt coaching the visiting Mendenhall Mustangs and Bret Garrett coaching the home squad, the Kernodle Cougars…Coach Garrett from SEG, and Coach Britt, also from Southeast Guilford High School…
Coach Britt played for current SEG Athletic Director Shawyn Newton when she was at Southeast Guilford, and Coach Britt went on to college down in South Carolina, attending Benedictine….

Coach Britt said her Mendenhall team has lost one game and that was to Northern Guilford, and Coach Britt said Northern was the toughest team in the conference, in her opinion…Coach Britt said the key to her team’s win over Mendenhall today was the fact that the Mendenhall Mustangs “played as a team, had fun and got it done”.

Leslie Britt said she was proud that her girls played team ball and that they did a good job of moving the ball around and filling the passing lanes…

According to Coach Britt, Makayla Carney, an eighth-grader, has been one of her top players, and Coach Britt said Carney is very passionate about the game of basketball and she knows the team and what it takes to make the team tick…Britt also said her team has done a good job hitting the posts this season, and with girls that can take it to the hole, everyone must realize their role, and realize that there will be chances to put back missed shots, and the Mendenhall post players need to play their game and their chances are coming, and that means our guards have to see them too….

Other Middle School Games on the slate today and we could sure use your scores from these games….
Eastern Guilford at Western Guilford boys at 4:45 and girls at 6pm
Hairston at Southern Guilford boys at 4:45 and girls at 6pm
The Academy at Lincoln @ Ferndale with girls at 4:45 and boys at 6pm