Carolina Panthers get hit with a Nuke, No more Luuuuuuke:Kuechly calls it Quits/Retires and this is like we have lost a brother!!!!!

Luke Kuechly Gone….Kuechly is calling it quits….Luke Kuechly is retiring…Luke is leaving the Carolina Panthers…One of the top linebackers in NFL history is leaving the game he loves…CLICK HERE for the Luke Kuechly leaving the NFL video.

This is like losing a football brother….When you saw Luke Kuechly on the football field, you saw one of the best linebackers to ever play the game…He had the best lateral movement for a linebacker that I have ever seen…He was outstanding rushing the passer, he could cover wide receivers in the back of the end zone…Side-to-Side movement on the football field, nobody did it better, than Luke Kuechly……Luke Kuechly covered the entire football field….

Back when I was a young football player, way back in the day, I used to pride myself in getting to the football….This is something Luke Kuechly did better than anyone I have ever seen…You have to put him in there/right up there with Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, Lee Roy Jordan, Sam Mills, you name ’em, Luke Kuechly is right there with the greats to play linebacker in the NFL…He has to be selected to the NFL Hall of Fame…A certain Hall of Famer….

Maybe this all rings out in a similar way to the retirement last off-season by the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck…

Similar problems for Kuechly and Luck, with all of the problems stemming from those concussions….

Again to me this is like we have lost a brother….A true football brother gone….He was such a huge part of the Carolina Panthers’ football family….I never met the guy, but I feel like I know him as good as anybody around…His game was like my game, “get to football, and either be the first man or last man to get to that ball, but you get to that football no matter what”, and that is how Luke Kuechly played football and that is how he lived to play the game…

Our brother is gone, he has retired and talk about a HOLE now in the Panthers’ defense…Might be time to go get Thomas Davis back, because Shaq(Thompson) is going to need some help in a hurry…Or the Panthers might need to get A.J. Klein back….

With Luke Kuechly and Christian McCaffrey, the Carolina Panthers had two of the best young players in the NFL…One of the very best on offense in McCaffrey, and one of the best on defense, in Kuechly…..

A great football brother is GONE….This is a SHOCKER!!!!!
(This almost like a football death in the family…Good thing Luke is not dead, but he is gone, and he will be missed…Football teams and any sports teams for that matter, hate starting over, but it is back to the drawing board, with Luke Kuechly stepping away from the Carolina Panthers…He is gone and he will be missed…Let’s hope the football afterlife for Luke Kuechly will be a good one, and we have for sure lost a family member, with Luke leaving the Panthers….

**********This is one of the toughest, if not worst days in Carolina Panthers history…The only thing that might bring some saving grace is if Luke Kuechly changed his mind and decided not to retire. You might say that is selfish on a fan’s part, but you have to feel for how much Luke loves this game, and he might want to re-think his decision….He had to have talked or conferred with someone else on this decision, this is a tough one to make on your own, and I am not sure this decision is just Luke talking…Somebody else, a family member, a doctor, somebody else was there with Luke weighing in on this decision…Maybe he will change his mind, and if does I for one will sure honor that decision, and as time passes, I will also learn to deal with Luke leaving the team, even though he is like a true brother to all of us….**********

from the Charlotte Observer:…
One of the best players in Panthers history has played his last game.

Linebacker Luke Kuechly announced Tuesday night that he is retiring from the NFL.

He shared the news in a video posted to the Panthers’ Twitter feed. Kuechly did not state a specific reason for his retirement, but said that he wasn’t able to play the game to the level he wanted to.