McDonald’s All-American Basketball Game Nominees:Several Boys from the Area have been nominated, Guilford County Girls shut out

Picking up the info by way of Brian Hall(WFMY News 2 Sports) on Twitter, and we find Cam Hayes(Greensboro Day School), Carson McCorkle(Greensboro Day School), Carson Lomax(Northern Guilford High School), Rashawn Pleasant(Northern Guilford High School) and Jake Ledbetter(Bishop McGuinness High School) have all been nominated for selection to play in the 2020 McDonald’s All-American Basketball game..

No Guilford County/Greensboro girls were nominated, but maybe next year we might see Diamond Monroe(Ragsdale High School), Mariah Frazier(Ragsdale High School), Hailey Blackwell(Greensboro Day School), Je’Bria Fullwood(Greensboro Day School), Caroline Wyrick(Greensboro Day School) or others among the nominees…
Sophomore Raven Preston, from Southeast Guilford HS, should be a very strong candidate, in two years from now.

Sort of thought we could see maybe Kennedi Simmons(Southeast Guilford High School) or maybe Reagan Kargo(Northwest Guilford HS), Thalia Carter(Northwest Guilford HS) or Megan Harkey(Northwest Guilford HS), all Guilford County seniors, thought we might see some of those young ladies on this year’s list of girls for nomination to the McDonald’s All-Star Basketball game…You have three girls nominated from Winston-Salem Christian and I don’t really understand that…Three girls from one team and from Winston-Salem Christian??? WS Christian is (23-2), but none of the girls on the McDonald’s list, Brown, Cowles and Williams are even listed on the WS Christian roster at MaxPreps, so it hard to find out much about those three…

On the boys end you would have thought that possibly Dean Reiber or Christian Hampton, from Northwest Guilford HS would have received a nomination, or maybe even Ahmil Flowers from Grimsley High School and for sure, what about Silas Mason and Nick McMullen from Smith High School???

Seems like N.C. State signee Cam Hayes, from Greensboro Day, has the best chance of landing a spot on the McDonald’s game-day roster, but we wish all of the young men the best of luck, while going for these lineup spots for the McDonald’s All-American Game…

Not sure of the late-season status for Carson McCorkle, from the Greensboro Day School, or when he is set to return from his knee injury….

It is almost time to get back to the Johnny Tart’s McDonald’s, and I still remember the night I was down at the Johnny Tart’s McDonald’s on MLK Blvd., and I got the word by way of my computer that P.J. Hairston, then from Hargrave Military Academy and formerly of Dudley HS, had been named to McDonald’s All-American game roster….

Last visit to Johnny Tart’s McDonald’s was last Friday, and for lunch had oatmeal, a sausage biscuit, and a hash brown…Not a bad change-of-pace for the lunchtime meal….

EVENT INFO:McDonald’s All-American Basketball Game for 2020
Event Schedule:Wednesday April 1
Girls Game: 4:00PM
Boys Game: 6:00PM

Toyota Center is excited to host the 2020 McDonald’s All American Games on April 1. McDonald’s is celebrating the next generation of basketball stars by bringing the event to Houston for the very first time. Fans will get a first look at some of the nation’s top emerging players as they take their talents to the court at Toyota Center. Don’t miss the top high school basketball talent from across the country in Houston in April!

7 thoughts on “McDonald’s All-American Basketball Game Nominees:Several Boys from the Area have been nominated, Guilford County Girls shut out

  1. Ok andy i always thought mcds was public school only. Maybe there are some regional games north so east eest seperate games that include private prep school players?

  2. I find it unfathomable that no player from Ben L. Smith was not nominated for the McDonald’s High School All-American basketball game. I just cannot comprehend that, but…

  3. The Private Schools have been fair game in the McDonald’s Games for a while, and the players listed are trying to make the final roster for the McDonald’s main game, and I think the only game that they are playing…

    Final rosters are due out in about a month…

    At least one player from Smith HS should have been on this list of McDonald’s nominees…

  4. Thank you A.D. Silas Mason has been on many major division one schools’ radars since his sophomore year. In the past, that presented consideration for the all-star game. The merit of being selected for it has lost credibility.

  5. I hope everyone does understand the nomination rules of the MDAG nominations:

    The initial list of potential nominees is gathered online beginning in September. The practice of nominating players dates back to the first game in 1978. Currently, names are submitted by the following approved parties:

    1. High School Coaches
    2. High School Athletic Directors
    3. High School Principals
    4. McDonald’s All American Games Selection Committee Members

    There is no set number of how many high school senior players can be nominated throughout the country.

  6. I guess as they would say on the old Andy Griffith Show, “somebody needs to get to nominating”…

    Maybe coaches get burned out the process if they nominate repetitiously and none of their players ever get selected, they may be tired of the process…

    Seems like if you nominate and you players get selected for the possible final selections, at least you are getting your players names out there on the nomination list, and they can add this to their resume…

    Just a few thoughts on the process….

  7. I like Silas don’t get me wrong here ok but to be a McDs guessing you need to be a top 25 player on 247 or espn etc. Also Have to have power 5 committ or have REAL not power 5 interest/offers. Not just an offer with no follow up from the coach. THere are offers and then there are real offers with actual follow up and in home visits etc . Not sure Silas in that category. Not knocking him but McDs is like hard to make. I can’t recall much mid major signings in that Mc Ds game

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