We have the results from the Final Exams:Coach Hackett goes to old home school and NWG girls get big victory, Coach Reavis with NWG boys says tonight in some ways was like a piece of cake, and Grimsley boys leave Page with big “Whirlie win”(News on these games and others right here/right now)/WS Parkland over Mount Tabor in a biggie last night

Here’s a Saturday morning send-in for you, into your direct mail boxes:
WS Parkland boys 70, Mount Tabor 63
First loss of the season for the Mount Tabor Spartans(17-1) and Parkland now at (15-1)…

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Mount Tabor	13	17	15	18	63
Parkland	10	18	15	27	70

Here come those final scores from tonight’s games coming at you in all different directions…
If you are ready for some basketball right now, go to GreensboroSports Radio and you can tune now for the Northwest Guilford girls vs. Southeast Guilford, followed by the Northwest Guilford boys vs. Southeast Guilford…Available now on replay at GreensboroSports Radio…That girls game was another thriller and for the boys, you need to catch Christian Hampton, Conner Ballou, and Robbie Boulton on the post game interviews on GreensboroSports Radio….

Northwest Guilford girls 70, Southeast Guilford 53
End of 1st Q:NWG 19, SEG 12…Halftime:NWG 42, SEG 22…End of 3rd Q:NWG 57, SEG 38…Final:NWG 70, SEG 53

Reagan Kargo with 23 points for NWG girls and Megan Harkey added 16 points and numerous rebounds for NWG..Jadyn Murray with 4 points for Northwest, so for NWG Lady Vikings, they got 20 points for their BIGS in the post in tonight’s contest, at SEG…NWG’s head coach Hayley Hackett was back at her old ‘home school’ as the Vikings visited Southeast Guilford, and that’s the reference to our headline/title for this post…
NWG scoring:Kargo 23 points, Harkey 16 points, Shaena Riddles 10 points, Thalia Carter 6 points, Madison Young 6 points, Jadyn Murray 4 points, Hannah Baker 3 points, Aniston Greene 2 points…
SEG scoring:Raven Preston 19 points, Kennedi Simmons 16 points, Sydney Roberts 9 points, Jessica Hopkins 4 points, Shunte Bethea 2 points, Mylanya Redd 2 points, Mykenzie Harris 1 point….

Before tonight’s game, NWG coach Haley Hackett said her team would have to get their Bigs, Harkey and Murray involved and those two were very productive in the paint for NWG…Coach Hackett also described Reagan Kargo’s game as one where Reagan can score in waves and she did that tonight…At times, it looked like Kargo couldn’t miss and she had four 3’s in the ballgame…We were one of the first sources to tell you about NWG freshman Madison Young and she was very active again for NWG, as Young posted 6 points, and did a lot of key ball handling for the NWG Vikings…

Hannah Baker, a seldom used Viking in past years/season, has become a main part of what Northwest wants to do, both on offense and defense…Baker is little, but she is “fearless”…Tough night for SEG, but the Falcons’ Raven Preston, Kennedi Simmons and Sydney Roberts did all that could, to keep their SEG team in this game….SEG would cut the lead down to say 12 points, but then NWG would make a run, and run the Viking lead back up to 19 or 20 points….

Next time I am out at Northwest Guilford, I need get to work interviewing Hannah Baker, Shaena Riddles and Madison Young..

Northwest Guilford boys 93, Southeast Guilford 44
End of 1st Q:NWG 29, SEG 18…Halftime:NWG 60, SEG 29…End of 3rd Q:NWG 81, SEG 41…Final:NWG 93, SEG 44

NWG boys head coach Lee Reavis was handing out slices of home made Pound Cake to us along the Press Row after the game tonight, and therefore the reference to a piece of Cake, in the headline/title of our post…I think Coach Reavis and Coach Garris want us to keep Pounding…

On the NWG boys game from HoopSeen Carolina:2020 guard Christian Hampton with 28 points and Rutgers signee Dean Reiber with 19 points for Northwest Guilford HS over SE Guilford 93-44.

NWG scoring:Chris Hampton 28; Dean Reiber 19; Connor Ballou 8; Shaq Marsh 7; Josh Humphrey 7; Robbie Boulton 6; Jackson Hartzell 6; Brandon Thomas 6; Jake Kawalec 2; Drew Watkins 2; Khari Carson 2
SEG scoring:Ryan S. 10; Rashard C. 7; Jake J-C. 6; Zach F. 6; Hunter S. 6; Taj R. 4; Nick C. 3; Cody F. 2

NWG(16-3)/SEG(5-12)…..Grimsley Whirlies at Northwest Guilford next Tuesday night…

Grimsley boys 64, Page 42
Grimsley boys(12-5/3-0)/Page(11-8/1-2)
Jayden Watlington with 21 points, and Ahmil Flowers with 20 points, to lead the Grimsley Whirlies in their win…

Page girls 61, Grimsley 57
Page (4-14,2-1)- Reagan Maynard 23, Leilla Hamoud 18, Kirah Lineberry 8, Brooke Becker 4, Amiya Martin 4, Skylar Hitchins 3, Brianna Allison 1
Grimsley (5-12, 1-2)- Jordan Holmes 18, Destoine Tisdale 13, Tajamirah Russell 9, Shay Reid 8, Azianna Brown 4, Lauren Sells 3, Amicah Webster 2

Eastern Guilford boys 68, Southwestern Randolph 58

Southwestern Randolph girls 70, Eastern Guilford 18

Ragsdale 70 girls, High Point Central 18

Ragsdale boys 90, High Point Central 49

High Point Andrews boys 48, Jordan Matthews 46

High Point Andrews girls 37, Jordan Matthews 32

Northern Guilford boys 74, McMichael 46

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
NGHS	        13	20	29	12	74
McMichael	7	17	13	9	46

Dudley girls 52, Southwest Guilford 46
Dudley girls(12-6/4-0)/SWG(12-6/3-1)

Southwest Guilford boys 70, Dudley 65
SWG boys(9-9/2-2)/Dudley(12-5/0-4)

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
SWGHS	16	17	19	18	70
Dudley	20	14	21	10	65

Southern Guilford boys 52, Burlington Williams 49

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
WMWHS	13	9	15	12	49
SGHS	16	21	10	5	52

Burlington Williams girls 49, Southern Guilford 23

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
WMWHS	17	12	9	11	49
SGHS	5	1	13	4	23

Greensboro Day School boys 86, Westchester Country Day 51

        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
WCDHS	17	15	4	15	51
GDS	30	24	16	16	86

Greensboro Day School girls 48, Westchester Country Day 16

Ben L. Smith boys 77, Western Guilford 22

                    Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Ben L. Smith	   18	21	20	18	77
Western Guilford    4	 4	6	8	22

Western Guilford girls 63, Ben L. Smith 22

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Ben L. Smith	         1	7	6	8	22
Western Guilford	18	18	17	10	63

Eastern Alamance boys 63, Northeast Guilford 57

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Eastern Alamance	11	15	21	16	63
NEGHS	                14	11	12	20	57

Eastern Alamance girls 49, Northeast Guilford 33

Mount Airy boys 66, Bishop McGuinness 54
Bishop McGuinness girls 47, Mount Airy 43

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
BMGHS	        12	12	11	12	47
Mount Airy	8	9	9	17	43

North Carolina Leadership Academy boys 45, Noble Academy 41

First Assembly of Concord girls 51, Wesleyan Christian Academy 27
First Assembly(20-6/11-0)/WES(5-12/0-1)

Tabernacle Christian girls 64, Vandalia Christian School 31

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
VCHS	         9	7	12	3	31
TCHS	        20	23	6	15	64

Triad Baptist Christian Academy girls 43, Triad Math and Science 30

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
TMASA	         5	10	9	6	30
TBCA	        15	16	8	4	43

North Davidson girls 56, South Rowan 46
More scores to go along with these coming along soon, and we will have an interpretation on our headlines above, as we add content to our scores…

More scores on the way, right here/right now….


  1. I’ve seen enough. We all have. It’s time to pony up. Our young men, the ones we grew up watching play together since youth have lost their passion for the game. It’s a sad and heartbreaking situation watching my nephew and teammates dejected after being toyed with last night. Other teams are winning with our kids. Our boys deserve a change!!!

  2. We may have seen the upcoming NCHSAA girls 4-A and girls 3-A Champions for 2020 in last night’s game at Southeast Guilford High School…

    And who knows how far the Northwest Guilford boys can go this year…The sky is limit for them…

    We saw some of the best teams in the state on Friday night at Southeast Guilford HS…

    Guilford County has a big piece of the NCHSAA pie right here in our part of the state…Don’t worry about Raleigh and forget about Charlotte…

    Greensboro Sports is home to some of the top teams in this state…

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