Middle School Basketball Tonight(2/3/2020) Finals:”Monday in the Middle” and today we stopped off at Jamestown Middle School/Looking for more scores/Interview with Coach Rashad Fant

Finals from our “Monday in the Middle” basketball games…Middle Basketball results from Monday February 3…
Kiser girls bounce back with a 29-19 win over Western Guilford. They are now 8-1 in the conference.
Northwest Guilford Middle boys 31, Southwest Guilford 29
Cornerstone Charter Academy over River Mills 44-43
Cameron Milton with 20pts. 16pts in the second half.
Allen Jay Prep girls 24, Southern Guilford 14
Allen Jay Prep boys 44, Southern Guilford 38
Swann girls over Jackson, Swann girls(7-1)
Swann boys 42, Jackson 29
Swann Scoring:
Taylor 21
J. Davis 8
Arant-Coleman 2
Sellars II. 2
Nichols 2
Hester 2
Simpson 2
Parker 3

from Jamestown Middle School:
Southeast Guilford girls 44, Jamestown Middle 22
SEG(5-4) overall and (3-4) in the conference…

End of 1st Q:SEG 12, Jamestown 4…Halftime:SEG 22, Jamestown 8…End of 3d Q:SEG 38, Jamestown 15…Final:SEG 44, Jamestown 22

SEG scoring: McMillan 18 points, Avery 7 points, Johnson 7 points, McCalop 6 points, DiMattio 4 points, Stevens 2 points….
Jamestown scoring: Rogers 6 points, Haith 4 points, Boddie 4 points, Shamberger 4 points, Atwater 2 points, Campbell 2 points…
Very good ball handling by the SEG Falcons’ Avery with tons of assists, and would look to be a big, but the big girls runs the show like a point guard…Scoring honors went to McMillan from SEG…Coach Dunker from SEG said the toughest teams that his girls had faced so far this season, were Northwest Guilford and Northern Guilford……

Jamestown Middle boys 41, Southeast Guilford 29
Jamestown Middle (6-4) overall and (3-3) in the conference…

End of 1st Q:Jamestown 7, SEG 6…Halftime:Jamestown 20, SEG 19…End of 3rd Q:Jamestown 35, SEG 29…Final:Jamestown 41, SEG 29…

Jamestown did not allow one point in the 4th and final quarter of this ball game, and you look at how close the score was early on, 7-6 Jamestown and 20-19 Jamestown at halftime….Jamestown also did a very good job of running time off of the clock in the last minute and a-half of the game, and by the time SEG started fouling, it was way too late and Jamestown already had the game wrapped up…The defensive effort by the Jamestown Tigers was a big part of their winning this basketball game…You shut the opposing team down in the last frame of the game, and that says a lot/speaks volumes there….

Jamestown scoring: Williams 13 points, Flippen 10 points, Burke 10 points, Holebrook 3 points, Smith 2 points, Pickard 2 points, Izayah McLaughlin 1 point…

Southeast Guilford scoring: Ferrell 11 points, Brandon 7 points, Gibson 3 points, Harrington 3 points, Little 3 points, Twitty 2 points…

Click Below to check out Coach Rashad Fant, head coach of the Jamestown Middle School boys basketball team…Coach Fant talking about today’s game vs. Southeast Guilford and the Jamestown Tigers entire 2019-2020 season…

More details and hopefully more scores on the way…

Hairston Middle at The Academy @ Lincoln girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Northern Guilford at Mendenhall Middle girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Eastern Guilford at Northeast Guilford girls at 5/boys at 6:15pm

Ferndale Middle at Welborn Middle girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…..**********No games today with Ferndale and Welborn**********…They are looking to reschedule these games in future.

Kernodle Middle OFF
Penn-Griffin Middle OFF