Hitting the Sheetz:Interview with Bruce Mitchell from the Pro Wrestling Torch/PWTorch.com with WWE, AEW, NWA, ROH, Impact and more/This is like the Power Hour on steroids(Lots of info in here)

from the Sheetz Convenience Store on Spring Garden Street, in Greensboro, N.C. on 2/5/2020:
(Some pretty interesting viewing in the convenience store today too…It was almost like we were able to create a split-screen with our camera shots.)

Our monthly sit-down visit with Bruce Mitchell, from the Pro Wrestling Torch and PWTorch.com with WWE, AEW, NWA, ROH, Impact and more wrestling news….This is a jam-packed session with a review of last night’s NWA Power Hour, the NWA-ROH talent exchanges, new contracts in WWE, Bill Goldberg to Saudi Arabia, Edge, Bruce rates the Top Five Current Wrestling TV shows, we have Bruce’s “Mount Mitchell” with his all-time top wrestlers and much more….

Click Below for Segment One with Bill Goldberg, Sting, Edge, NWA-ROH wars and more…

Segment Two with Bruce Mitchell from the Pro Wrestling Torch and PWTorch.com….Click Below…Part Two is even better than Part I…

Here is Segment Three/Part Three(3), where we get into the Top Five Wrestling TV Shows going on today, plus we hit and begin to climb “Mount Mitchell”, as we look into Bruce Mitchell’s all-time top professional wrestlers, and we know Ric Flair is on the top of this mountain, but the other wrestlers may surprise you….Click Below for this part of our video show, and this segment may end up being #1 for 2020…Check it out, and spread the word….

More segments on the way, in the future….


  1. Got to be surprised to learn that Bruce’s all-time favorite tag-team is the Rock n Roll Express, I know I was…Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the favorites of Bruce Mitchell, from the Pro Wrestling Torch…Wonder if John Hitchcock, from Parts Unknown, is on board with this call…
    (Many might be thinking Bruce would go with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, or even with the “Minnesota Wrecking Crew”, Ole and Gene Anderson, or maybe even with The Young Bucks, but they may be too young.)

    But the Rock n Roll Express??? Bruce putting out the word right there, and some might even want a recall and call out for the Hardy Boys…

    Good load of info coming in today, from Bruce Mitchell, at PWTorch.com…

  2. 1. Freebirds
    2. The Rockers
    3. Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard
    4. The Briscoe Brothers
    5. Jay Youngblood and Ricky Steamboat

  3. We got this one in from Chris by way of Email.

    Brian Pillman and Steve Austin as the top tag-team.

  4. Some good responses…Let’s hear from more of you…

    Good Topic of the Week, Top Tag-Teams….

    We have heard from the Road Warriors, do we have a vote for “The Dream Warriors”???

  5. 1 The Road Warriors. The Road Warrior, The Legion of Doom, or whatever you want to call them; Hawk and Animal are the best tag team ever assembled.
    2 Edge And Christian
    3 The Hardy Boyz
    4 The Dudley Boyz
    5 Harlem Heat
    6 The Midnight Express
    7 The New Age Outlaws
    8 The Steiner Brothers
    9 The Hart Foundation
    10 The Rock & Roll Express

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