From the Mailbag this Week comes a Question from one of our Readers and he wants to know what followers have to say???

Here is the Question for the week coming in from Kevin?????
(Pretty timely question too, with baseball practice cranking up for most area high schools yesterday/Wednesday.)

Alright, guys and gals… need some help for a friend.

I have a coworker in our Virginia branch who is moving here to our Greensboro branch at the end of the school year. My coworker has twin boys currently in the 8th grade and is looking for a single school that has the best football and baseball team in Greensboro. I threw in my two cents and would love some suggestions from you guys!


+++++Almost forgot.. They both stand 6’1 about 170…pitch, catch and can play 1st, third or outfield. On the football field, they can play Qb, WR, TE and linebacker.+++++

**********Already in from earlier, here’s what Ray had to say:**********
Ray Jones said,

1. Grimsley
2. Southeast Guilford
3. Northern Guilford
Based on what they have done lately and what they have currently that would be my top three. Just an observer, but that is how I would line it up for you. Others may see it differently, but for both football and baseball, that is my call.


  1. Oh boy this gonna be good. Really ahould and emphasis on should come down to where they will live. Although hey now that does not seem to matter regarding dudley and grimsley yeah i said it.

    Go with dudley or grimsley football both have talent and good fair coaches
    Best option hands down id advise them to head to east forsyth for football hands down the best.

    East fors

  2. If you are looking for the best overall combination for Baseball and Football do you still go with Dudley and Grimsley???

    East Forsyth might be a good overall Baseball and Football selection, but they are out of the county and we would hate to lose some outstanding perspective athletes the schools across the county line right???
    (No doubt East Forsyth is a very good one though.)

    Just wandering and wondering as hope to keep the comments coming for Keith and friends from out-of-town…

  3. Northeast Guilford is quickly bringing football back to what is used to be during the Tommy Pursley years. Coach Earl Bates does a great job. The baseball program has always been competitive. Keep in mind that the current right fielder for the San Francisco Giants played for Northeast 8 years ago.

  4. We are getting some very good answers/responses and would like to see even more of these..

    The very best school for football and baseball/baseball and football and you may just want to give us your Top Five…Might be interesting to see a ranking of all of the Guilford County Schools in this category…

    Some of our GCS schools are good in one or the other and not that great in both football and baseball right now, but for now, who is your choice for the best in both football and baseball combined, for our Guilford County Schools…

    We have heard from Grimsley, Dudley, Southeast, Northeast and Northern from Guilford County and just outside the county, it has been East Forsyth and Eastern Alamance….

  5. The best combination of those 2 sports right now is at southeast. Football was runner up at state’s last year and our baseball program is a top of the conference every year and play very well in state playoffs.

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