Just found another Big Game and this one set for Friday afternoon, at Northwest Guilford High School:Page vs. Grimsley girls, to see who finishes Third in the Metro 4-A Conference/Update on Conference Tournament

The Page and Grimsley girls will play prior to the Northwest Guilford vs. Ragsdale girls game, on Friday, at Northwest Guilford High School….

It is scheduled for 4:30 tomorrow, but if school is cancelled then the game will be played on Saturday at a time to be determined.

The game is being played to decide 3rd place in the Metro Conference since the teams tied for 3rd and both were eliminated in the conference tournament semi-finals.

Courtesy of Page girls head basketball coach, Ed Johnson….

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  1. Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Update:
    (from Mike Everett, Northwest Guilford High School Athletic Director)

    Metro 4A Conference Tournament Update:

    If we play on Friday 2/21/20: All games will be played in Nelson Gym.

    Page vs Grimsley – 4:30 – This game is to break the tie for 3rd place in the conference.
    Ragsdale vs Northwest at 6:00 – Girls Championship
    Page vs Northwest at 7:30 – Boys Championship

    If can’t play on Friday and play on Saturday 2/22/20:

    Page vs Grimsley at 2:00pm in the Auxiliary Gym – Tie Breaker Game
    Ragsdale vs Northwest 2:00pm in Nelson Gym – Championship Game
    Page vs Northwest 3:30pm in Nelson Gym – Championship Game

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