NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – 1A/2A Championship First Round Results

NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – 1A/2A Championship First Round Results
Friday, February 21, 2020

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCHSAA held the championship first round of the 2020 Individual Wrestling Tournament this afternoon at the Greensboro Colesium. All of these wrestlers will continue in the tournament in either the consolation first round or the next round of the the championship bracket, which is the quarterfinals for 2A and semifinals for 1A wrestlers.

You can follow along with live results through by searching for NCHSAA in the tournaments section.

1A 106
Championship Quarterfinals
Heaven Fitch (Uwharrie Charter, 52-4) won by fall over Austin Jones (Starmount, 28-14) (Fall 2:00)
Hunter Fulp (North Stokes, 41-3) won by fall over Horveli Rodriquez (Albemarle, 13-22) (Fall 3:26)
Luke Wilson (Robbinsville, 28-16) won in first period sudden victory over Tristian Hale (South Davidson, 27-11) (SV-1 1-0)
Brandon Ropp (Rosman, 34-9) won by fall over Trevor Johnson (Granville Central, 8-7) (Fall 1:55)
1A 113
Championship Quarterfinals
Cody Lawson (South Stokes, 33-7) won by fall over John Parton (Swain County, 23-21) (Fall 2:58)
Logan Tortual (Rosewood, 48-8) won by fall over Kevin Cook (Hayesville, 23-9) (Fall 0:44)
Gage Beal (Uwharrie Charter, 53-3) won by fall over Collier Foster (Polk County, 36-19) (Fall 2:48)
Brady Buchanan (Cherryville, 33-6) won by decision over Tristen Scott (Granville Central, 28-8) (Dec 13-6)
1A 120
Championship Quarterfinals
Satchel McCoy (Polk County, 33-15) won by fall over David Garcia (Granville Central, 19-7) (Fall 4:32)
Dylan Lowery (Mitchell, 22-2) won by fall over Ricardo Bustos (Albemarle, 26-9) (Fall 3:56)
Ronan Carletta (East Carteret, 26-11) won by major decision over Bryson Church (Alleghany, 35-16) (MD 11-1)
Ethan Shell (Avery County, 52-3) won by fall over William Kimball (Rosewood, 36-18) (Fall 0:44)
1A 126
Championship Quarterfinals
Chandler Steel (Chatham Charter, 29-5) won by fall over Zane Lucksavage (Hayesville, 33-13) (Fall 4:49)
Jayden Nowell (Robbinsville, 33-5) won by fall over Jaquavius Caraway (South Stanly, 40-17) (Fall 5:34)
Jonah Hayes (Avery County, 43-8) won by decision over Brice Browning (Tarboro, 33-6) (Dec 8-5)
Jonas Trejo (Swain County, 36-8) won by fall over Austin Kennedy (Uwharrie Charter, 40-16) (Fall 3:14)
1A 132
Championship Quarterfinals
Renfere Garcia (South Stanly, 33-12) won by fall over Cade Vaughn (Andrews, 22-18) (Fall 5:30)
Preston Burnett (Polk County, 43-10) won by fall over James Lawrence (East Carteret, 44-7) (Fall 5:02)
Ryan Riffle (Cherryville, 32-18) won by fall over Braeden Reiss (Rosewood, 38-17) (Fall 3:44)
River Griffith (Avery County, 56-2) won by fall over Jaylei Evans (Voyager Academy, 18-17) (Fall 0:59)
1A 138
Championship Quarterfinals
Evan Wagoner (Alleghany, 44-9) won by major decision over Michael Gabbard (South Stanly, 41-14) (MD 12-1)
Nathan Brock (Swain County, 49-11) won by fall over Elliot Sullivan (Neuse Charter, 27-16) (Fall 3:18)
Nathan Fisher (Robbinsville, 44-8) won by fall over Drew Shelton (Uwharrie Charter, 13-7) (Fall 1:15)
Connor Medvar (Mount Airy, 37-1) won by tech fall over Jacob Livesay (Lejeune, 20-15) (TF-1.5 3:56 (15-0))
1A 145
Championship Quarterfinals
Trent Drake (South Stanly, 28-6) won by fall over Lucas Brown (Swain County, 41-15) (Fall 4:36)
Austin Bauguess (East Wilkes, 34-7) won by decision over Johnny Dotson (South Stokes, 33-16) (Dec 11-8)
Grayson Roberts (Uwharrie Charter, 20-6) won by decision over Riley Pruitt (Alleghany, 36-18) (Dec 3-2)
Franklin Bennett (Mount Airy, 38-6) won by decision over Dylan Polatty (Manteo, 27-16) (Dec 3-1)
1A 152
Championship Quarterfinals
Jerry Jimenez (Uwharrie Charter, 55-3) won by fall over Sterlin Holbrook (Starmount, 26-12) (Fall 5:02)
Hunter Barrier (South Stanly, 47-9) won by fall over Chase Miller (Cherryville, 30-18) (Fall 4:51)
Alexander Suszko (Lejeune, 20-2) won by fall over Hunter Craig (Swain County, 42-21) (Fall 2:58)
Bradley Parker (Avery County, 33-6) won by fall over Matthew Pelletier (Neuse Charter, 32-16) (Fall 2:35)
1A 160
Championship Quarterfinals
Doug Bowles (Uwharrie Charter, 42-5) won by fall over Braden Taylor (Cherokee, 22-10) (Fall 3:12)
Dustin Blackburn (East Wilkes, 41-5) won by decision over Kaleb Mitchell (South Stokes, 17-4) (Dec 2-1)
Seth Blackledge (Avery County, 24-6) won by tech fall over Nicholas Johnson (Granville Central, 25-9) (TF-1.5 4:06 (15-0))
Justin Stewart (Robbinsville, 24-2) won by fall over Malikai Briggs (Louisburg, 24-5) (Fall 2:47)
1A 170
Championship Quarterfinals
Jackson Boles (South Stokes, 42-0) won by fall over Caden Pheasant (Cherokee, 25-7) (Fall 1:26)
Matthew Mauro (Bradford Prep, 54-8) won by tech fall over Cameron Clark (Uwharrie Charter, 48-8) (TF-1.5 5:46 (16-0))
Dalton Towe (Avery County, 46-13) won by major decision over Jathan Parker (East Carteret, 47-10) (MD 13-5)
Dustin Rector (Alleghany, 46-5) won by fall over Tyler Parrish (Rosewood, 24-19) (Fall 0:53)
1A 182
Championship Quarterfinals
Wesley Sharpe (Voyager Academy, 20-5) won by fall over Samuel Wood (Andrews, 26-12) (Fall 3:32)
Jaime Bernal (Uwharrie Charter, 52-6) won by decision over Cody Long (Swain County, 40-12) (Dec 7-6)
Daniel Cancro (Bishop McGuinness, 38-8) won by fall over Gage Mcswain (Polk County, 26-9) (Fall 4:30)
Lucas Andrews (Avery County, 54-4) won by fall over Elijah Mitchell (Louisburg, 24-8) (Fall 0:37)
1A 195
Championship Quarterfinals
Trey Thompson (Polk County, 37-12) won by decision over Adrian Little (Albemarle, 28-5) (Dec 5-4)
Jackson Tumbarello (Mount Airy, 39-4) won by fall over Meliek Bryant (North Stanly, 21-12) (Fall 4:34)
Jordan Mitchell (South Stokes, 35-6) won by decision over Wade Turner (Thomas Jefferson, 28-4) (Dec 14-8)
Kyle Fink (Robbinsville, 45-7) won by fall over Stephen Falkner (Louisburg, 26-11) (Fall 5:14)
1A 220
Championship Quarterfinals
Sergio Saldana (Uwharrie Charter, 58-3) won by fall over Samuel Shook (Mitchell, 21-15) (Fall 2:52)
Eric Olvera (Mount Airy, 34-4) won by decision over Naqian Carpenter (Albemarle, 10-4) (Dec 9-6)
Tony Rogers (South Stanly, 36-7) won by fall over Ethan Taylor (Hayesville, 25-16) (Fall 1:05)
Levi Andrews (Avery County, 47-4) won by fall over Da`rjon Smith (Pender, 23-6) (Fall 0:35)
1A 285
Championship Quarterfinals
Javon Armstrong (Pamlico County, 30-0) won by fall over Masih Catolster (Cherokee, 20-10) (Fall 3:25)
Khris Mayo (South Stanly, 50-4) won by fall over Zachary Vance (Avery County, 37-13) (Fall 2:46)
Ezekiel Jayne (East Carteret, 36-6) won by fall over Orion Martin (North Stokes, 28-8) (Fall 3:20)
CJ Henderson (Elkin, 42-1) won by fall over Unique Carvalho (Albemarle, 25-11) (Fall 3:55)

2A 106
Championship First Round
Brock Carey (Foard, 41-2) won by tech fall over Blake Austin (First Flight, 35-16) (TF-1.5 2:00 (16-0))
Eli Thomas (Forbush, 51-2) won by decision over William Redd (Reidsville, 29-7) (Dec 8-5)
Jacob Caldwell (Croatan, 45-7) won by fall over Ti Phansook (West Lincoln, 16-7) (Fall 1:05)
Tyler Holland (Wilkes Central, 40-2) won by fall over Katerina Pendergrass (South Granville, 30-8) (Fall 3:16)
Cameron Teague (North Wilkes, 32-5) won by fall over Chris Grubb (Trinity, 36-19) (Fall 3:09)
Mariano Mendez (Patton, 57-3) won by tech fall over Walker Bell (West Craven, 37-17) (TF-1.5 3:12 (16-1))
Jorden Schlossman (North Lincoln, 48-6) won by decision over Cameron Hinson (Wheatmore, 42-10) (Dec 8-4)
Jack Berkowitz (Shelby, 37-6) won by fall over Jacob Kresicki (Pasquotank County, 34-10) (Fall 0:49)
2A 113
Championship First Round
Talon Johnson (Hendersonville, 50-6) won by decision over Grant Haney (Central Academy, 27-9) (Dec 9-3)
Logan Pugh (Dixon, 31-10) won by tech fall over Austin Hanner (East Davidson, 18-10) (TF-1.5 5:43 (15-0))
Jacob Cox (South Rowan, 46-3) won by tech fall over Zeke Grabowski (Owen, 15-9) (TF-1.5 2:22 (15-0))
Robert Russell (Randleman, 27-3) won by major decision over Zack Warren (Washington, 25-13) (MD 12-4)
Landon Stocks (Ayden – Grifton, 41-5) won by fall over Jasper Williamson (Reidsville, 17-9) (Fall 0:27)
Cole Waddell (West Stokes, 34-9) won by decision over Ian Willis (Foard, 25-9) (Dec 4-0)
Connor Wishon (Ledford, 35-9) won by fall over Reagan Riddick (First Flight, 32-17) (Fall 0:38)
Javon White (Salisbury, 32-7) won by fall over Chade Norman (West Lincoln, 34-8) (Fall 3:19)
2A 120
Championship First Round
Samuel Hodge (Currituck County, 36-0) won by major decision over Raul Hernandez (Bunker Hill, 33-16) (MD 12-1)
Aaron Ortega- Perez (Trinity, 47-13) won by decision over Dilan Patton (Patton, 55-6) (Dec 7-6)
Kyle Montaperto (Central Academy, 30-1) won by fall over Dallas Senay (Dixon, 29-13) (Fall 3:10)
Cameron Smith (Lincolnton, 43-7) won by decision over Luis Garcia (Randleman, 29-15) (Dec 6-5)
Elijah Boyd (Reidsville, 29-2) won by tech fall over Sam Hudson (Smoky Mountain, 43-11) (TF-1.5 5:59 (22-7))
Brenden Pack (Surry Central, 32-8) won by decision over Scottie Spencer (Bunn, 21-5) (Dec 13-11)
Langston Hoffman (West Lincoln, 26-5) won by decision over Seth Miller (Wheatmore, 31-15) (Dec 6-3)
Will Simerson (West Davidson, 30-3) won by decision over Cooper Howe (Richlands, 43-15) (Dec 9-6)
2A 126
Championship First Round
Braden Riggs (Pisgah, 48-1) won by fall over Scott Kresicki (Pasquotank County, 34-13) (Fall 2:55)
Ian Murdock (North Davidson, 49-4) won by decision over Conner Nelson (Wheatmore, 21-8) (Dec 13-7)
Cody Jamerson (Madison, 33-10) won by fall over Keagan Bolman (Dixon, 43-6) (Fall 5:17)
Bryson Burkett (Bandys, 37-14) won by forfeit over Easton Shelley (Ledford, 40-9) (For.)
Hunter Ross (Central Academy, 23-0) won by fall over Ke`Ron Richmond (Cummings, 22-9) (Fall 3:54)
Zachariah Lewis (R-S Central, 43-9) won by major decision over Luke Walker (Croatan, 28-14) (MD 14-3)
David Makupson (Trinity, 47-5) won by fall over Jose Hernandez (Bunker Hill, 28-21) (Fall 3:35)
Jamie Richard (Foard, 52-14) won by fall over Tristen Nixon (Washington, 45-13) (Fall 4:30)
2A 132
Championship First Round
Zane Birtchet (Foard, 56-7) won by major decision over Gabriel Kincaid (South Rowan, 36-12) (MD 20-8)
De`Rishio Reid (N.C. School Of Science & Math, 19-6) won by decision over Brodie Moore (Washington, 47-7) (Dec 6-1)
Andrew Holden (North Lincoln, 43-7) won by decision over Arturo Pizon-Castillejos (East Burke, 9-5) (Dec 9-3)
Alex Minish (Trinity, 47-12) won by decision over Rogan Heath (Heide Trask, 44-7) (Dec 8-5)
Jeremiah Cannon (West Craven, 41-6) won by decision over Landon MacFarland (Ledford, 37-13) (Dec 7-2)
Hunter Dover (Chase, 43-8) won by major decision over Mark Lyons (West Davidson, 27-6) (MD 16-6)
Ethan Oakley (Wheatmore, 54-1) won by fall over Noah Walker (Currituck County, 23-6) (Fall 1:21)
Louis Mehaffey (Pisgah, 43-6) won by decision over Elijah Harris (Central Academy, 40-6) (Dec 9-4)
2A 138
Championship First Round
Jon Ward (West Craven, 42-5) won by major decision over Sam Kincaid (South Rowan, 36-11) (MD 12-1)
Braden Wharton (Foard, 52-9) won by forfeit over Gage Peters (South Granville, 21-8) (For.)
Preston Scarborough (Central Academy, 44-6) won by decision over Andrew Mizell (North Pitt, 46-13) (Dec 4-3)
Will Berkowitz (Shelby, 42-2) won by major decision over Cole Armstrong (N.C. School Of Science & Math, 20-11) (MD 13-0)
Cody Williams (Reidsville, 25-5) won by fall over Cole Combs (Brevard, 32-11) (Fall 3:36)
Michael Lowry (Salisbury, 40-4) won by fall over Isaiah Cartwright (Northeastern, 18-3) (Fall 5:52)
Xander Pendergrass (West Lincoln, 32-2) won by fall over Will Flores (Randleman, 32-16) (Fall 4:57)
Brayden Guess (Bunker Hill, 45-5) won by decision over Ethan Millis (Dixon, 40-15) (Dec 7-3)
2A 145
Championship First Round
Freddy Guardiola (West Caldwell, 42-4) won by fall over Davion Coward (Washington, 44-22) (Fall 3:11)
Jake Dodson (Central Academy, 28-2) won by tech fall over Julius Miller (Reidsville, 23-10) (TF-1.5 2:46 (17-2))
Jack Hawbaker (First Flight, 48-2) won by decision over Lucas Whitted (Pisgah, 36-15) (Dec 2-1)
Phillip Lowman (West Stokes, 37-6) won by tech fall over Kevin Bell (South Granville, 30-9) (TF-1.5 5:47 (17-2))
Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, 53-1) won by tech fall over D`Antae Richardson (Morehead, 35-13) (TF-1.5 5:15 (18-3))
Drew Pinion (R-S Central, 46-9) won by major decision over Drake Egan (Croatan, 38-13) (MD 10-2)
Logan MacFarland (Ledford, 43-6) won by major decision over Tradin Allen (Wilkes Central, 29-9) (MD 10-2)
Ricky Reynolds (West Lincoln, 32-6) won by fall over Micheal Dickens (Ayden – Grifton, 38-5) (Fall 3:13)
2A 152
Championship First Round
Canon Bridges (West Lincoln, 32-1) won by tech fall over Carlos Mize (North Davidson, 41-6) (TF-1.5 4:46 (16-0))
Mykel Warren (Washington, 39-8) won by decision over D`Andre Richardson (Morehead, 33-12) (Dec 6-4)
Brady Ross (Central Academy, 44-2) won by major decision over Robert Heater (West Wilkes, 44-9) (MD 14-4)
Ethan Emrich (Anson, 37-6) won by major decision over Justin Richardson (North Johnston, 44-10) (MD 10-2)
Colton Sullivan (Croatan, 36-9) won by fall over Martin Tucker (East Davidson, 18-16) (Fall 1:03)
Caleb Hines (East Lincoln, 34-2) won by forfeit over Lane Mease (Pisgah, 40-12) (For.)
Isaac Shelley (Ledford, 42-5) won by decision over Brittain Marks (Nash Central, 23-8) (Dec 5-1)
Dalton Miller (Mount Pleasant, 41-4) won by major decision over Justin Whalen (Foard, 52-12) (MD 11-3)
2A 160
Championship First Round
Trent Walker (Currituck County, 43-2) won by decision over Karson Crouse (Surry Central, 38-9) (Dec 7-2)
Hunter Holden (Brevard, 29-10) won by fall over Titus Harrison (Reidsville, 16-10) (Fall 4:25)
Corbin Allen (South Point, 55-2) won by decision over Cameron Jones (North Pitt, 43-7) (Dec 6-4)
Tucker Marshall (East Henderson, 37-7) won by fall over Xavier Searcy (Morehead, 30-12) (Fall 5:51)
David Varner (Providence Grove, 40-1) won by decision over Mason Whitaker (Lincolnton, 28-12) (Dec 7-1)
Milosz Gargol (First Flight, 41-14) won in first period sudden victory over Kyler Pickard (Mount Pleasant, 34-9) (SV-1 6-4)
John Shepherd (West Wilkes, 46-4) won by fall over Mason Mabey (Oak Grove, 30-12) (Fall 3:59)
Aiden Curry (Central Academy, 42-6) won by tech fall over Adrian DeSousa (Dixon, 33-25) (TF-1.5 3:40 (19-4))
2A 170
Championship First Round
Joshua Nichols (Newton-Conover, 42-2) won by fall over Montez Bishop (Hertford County, 23-6) (Fall 3:14)
Joseph Terry (North Forsyth, 31-7) won by decision over Brooks Freeman (Providence Grove, 22-8) (Dec 6-4)
Tyler Proffitt (Dixon, 36-3) won by fall over Evan Steiger (Foard, 24-12) (Fall 5:38)
Wilmouth Shores (Wheatmore, 26-13) won by decision over Bryan Gordon (West Stokes, 34-9) (Dec 14-10)
Joey Plyler (North Lincoln, 44-7) won by decision over Will Lemons (Thomasville, 36-11) (Dec 5-2)
Kaleb Spann (Patton, 42-6) won by fall over Jeremy Cope (Bunn, 33-4) (Fall 1:45)
Tyler Horton (Morehead, 42-3) won by decision over Nick Hartley (Wilkes Central, 36-10) (Dec 9-4)
Calvin Jones (East Rutherford, 29-3) won by decision over Aaron Hunter (Roanoke Rapids, 25-9) (Dec 6-2)
2A 182
Championship First Round
Landon Foor (Foard, 60-0) won by fall over Dallas Thomas (West Davidson, 25-6) (Fall 4:27)
Shiheim Suggs (North Pitt, 18-4) won by fall over Nick Polomski (Atkins, 26-9) (Fall 1:05)
Steven Campbell (Surry Central, 48-4) won by decision over Azariah Moore (Hibriten, 33-10) (Dec 4-3)
Dakota Gray (Croatan, 43-15) won by fall over Derrick Baker (Fairmont, 38-4) (Fall 1:12)
Andrew Edens (Dixon, 35-3) won by fall over Christian Franklin (Ledford, 25-18) (Fall 3:49)
Cole Clark (Newton-Conover, 42-7) won by major decision over Andrew Becker (West Stanly, 44-12) (MD 10-2)
Sebastian Talent (Trinity, 42-3) won by fall over Kobe Kellar (Pasquotank County, 36-9) (Fall 2:54)
Alex Roland (West Wilkes, 39-4) won by decision over Andrew Warren (South Point, 38-7) (Dec 8-1)
2A 195
Championship First Round
Jeffery Darden (Ayden – Grifton, 31-1) won by fall over Aaron Bryant (Bunker Hill, 18-8) (Fall 0:53)
Garrett Shumate (West Wilkes, 52-2) won by fall over Dylan Wall (Bartlett Yancey, 30-5) (Fall 3:37)
Levi Kluttz (Mount Pleasant, 46-3) won by major decision over Carlos Lopez (Southwest Onslow, 36-7) (MD 15-2)
Branden Berger (Franklin, 24-6) won by tech fall over Keyan Floyd (Reidsville, 20-6) (TF-1.5 5:40 (15-0))
Jacob Belton (Foard, 54-11) won by decision over Ayden Prevatte (Trinity, 50-9) (Dec 4-2)
Kareen Stevenson (West Iredell, 40-7) won by major decision over Ryan Lindsay (Croatan, 37-14) (MD 10-2)
Sakarri Morrison (Newton-Conover, 47-0) won by fall over Reece Walser (East Davidson, 24-11) (Fall 1:56)
Tkaii Gaither (Salisbury, 21-10) won by decision over Khalil Everett (North Pitt, 26-7) (Dec 6-2)
2A 220
Championship First Round
Jaron Greer (Ashe County, 45-2) won by fall over Bryce McKeel (West Craven, 37-17) (Fall 3:36)
Christian Hansen (East Davidson, 24-5) won by fall over Jacob Patterson (South Point, 33-11) (Fall 3:59)
Elijah Swinson (North Lenoir, 22-0) won by major decision over Grayson Parker (East Henderson, 44-6) (MD 17-5)
Grayson Cannon (East Lincoln, 33-4) won by fall over Kyonta Burns (Anson, 37-4) (Fall 3:38)
Casey Bolick (Bunker Hill, 39-2) won by fall over Jesean Barkley (Carrboro, 17-5) (Fall 2:57)
Harley Scronce (West Lincoln, 31-3) won by fall over Linele Faison (Clinton, 23-6) (Fall 3:14)
Chase Crayton (Mount Pleasant, 35-9) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Jahki Rankin (Reidsville, 18-2) (UTB 3-2)
Alex Espinosa-Johnson (North Pitt, 45-7) won by fall over Dallas Rash (West Wilkes, 47-7) (Fall 1:58)
2A 285
Championship First Round
Ryan Walker (Newton-Conover, 48-1) won by decision over Aveon Newell (Lexington, 36-8) (Dec 8-4)
Tyrell Martin (Cummings, 26-3) won by fall over Amir Payton-Kimble (Northeastern, 21-4) (Fall 0:46)
Trent Smith (East Lincoln, 31-3) won by fall over Kaleb White (R-S Central, 32-13) (Fall 2:46)
Ethan Roberts (St. Pauls, 26-11) won by decision over Alton Pratt (North Johnston, 40-9) (Dec 6-3)
Jordan Lindsay (Reidsville, 23-4) won by decision over Chris Russell (North Lenoir, 25-1) (Dec 8-2)
Deljew Harris (Carver, 17-4) won by fall over Connor Foley (Madison, 32-10) (Fall 3:12)
Devin Daugherty (Wheatmore, 43-2) won by fall over Oscar Bennett (Clinton, 19-7) (Fall 4:54)
Riley Martin (West Davidson, 24-8) won by decision over Amorion McAfee (Foard, 40-15) (Dec 3-2)

Courtesy of James Alverson with NCHSAA