NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – Championship Semifinal Results

NCHSAA Individual Wrestling Championships – Championship Semifinal Results
Saturday, February 22, 2020

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCHSAA held the championship second day of the 2020 Individual Wrestling Tournament this morning at the Greensboro Colesium. Still to come today are Consolation Third Round & Semifinals, as well as the Medal Rounds.

Updated brackets are attached to this email. You can follow along with live results through by searching for NCHSAA in the tournaments section.

1A 106
Championship Semifinal
Heaven Fitch (Uwharrie Charter, 53-4) won by decision over Hunter Fulp (North Stokes, 41-4) (Dec 9-4)
Luke Wilson (Robbinsville, 29-16) won in first sudden victory period over Brandon Ropp (Rosman, 34-10) (SV-1 4-2)
1A 113
Championship Semifinal
Cody Lawson (South Stokes, 34-7) won by decision over Logan Tortual (Rosewood, 48-9) (Dec 7-4)
Gage Beal (Uwharrie Charter, 54-3) won by fall over Brady Buchanan (Cherryville, 33-7) (Fall 1:34)
1A 120
Championship Semifinal
Dylan Lowery (Mitchell, 23-2) won by major decision over Satchel McCoy (Polk County, 33-16) (MD 13-0)
Ethan Shell (Avery County, 57-3) won by fall over Ronan Carletta (East Carteret, 26-12) (Fall 1:17)
1A 126
Championship Semifinal
Chandler Steel (Chatham Charter, 30-5) won by decision over Jayden Nowell (Robbinsville, 33-6) (Dec 6-2)
Jonas Trejo (Swain County, 37-8) won by decision over Jonah Hayes (Avery County, 47-9) (Dec 7-6)
1A 132
Championship Semifinal
Preston Burnett (Polk County, 44-10) won by fall over Renfere Garcia (South Stanly, 33-13) (Fall 6:37)
River Griffith (Avery County, 61-2) won by fall over Ryan Riffle (Cherryville, 32-19) (Fall 0:16)
1A 138
Championship Semifinal
Nathan Brock (Swain County, 50-1)1 won by decision over Evan Wagoner (Alleghany, 44-10) (Dec 7-1)
Nathan Fisher (Robbinsville, 45-8) won in first sudden victory period over Connor Medvar (Mount Airy, 37-2) (SV-1 3-1)
1A 145
Championship Semifinal
Austin Bauguess (East Wilkes, 35-7) won by decision over Trent Drake (South Stanly, 28-7) (Dec 11-4)
Franklin Bennett (Mount Airy, 39-6) won by fall over Grayson Roberts (Uwharrie Charter, 20-7) (Fall 0:56)
1A 152
Championship Semifinal
Jerry Jimenez (Uwharrie Charter, 56-3) won by major decision over Hunter Barrier (South Stanly, 47-10) (MD 19-7)
Bradley Parker (Avery County, 37-7) won by major decision over Alexander Suszko (Lejeune, 20-3) (MD 13-3)
1A 160
Championship Semifinal
Dustin Blackburn (East Wilkes, 42-5) won by fall over Doug Bowles (Uwharrie Charter, 42-6) (Fall 3:04)
Seth Blackledge (Avery County, 26-9) won by major decision over Justin Stewart (Robbinsville, 24-3) (MD 12-3)
1A 170
Championship Semifinal
Jackson Boles (South Stokes, 43-0) won by fall over Matthew Mauro (Bradford Prep, 54-9) (Fall 1:35)
Dalton Towe (Avery County, 51-13) won by decision over Dustin Rector (Alleghany, 46-6) (Dec 6-4)
1A 182
Championship Semifinal
Wesley Sharpe (Voyager Academy, 21-5) won by decision over Jaime Bernal (Uwharrie Charter, 52-7) (Dec 5-2)
Lucas Andrews (Avery County, 59-4) won by fall over Daniel Cancro (Bishop McGuinness, 38-9) (Fall 3:48)
1A 195
Championship Semifinal
Jackson Tumbarello (Mount Airy, 40-4) won by decision over Trey Thompson (Polk County, 37-13) (Dec 5-1)
Kyle Fink (Robbinsville, 46-7) won by decision over Jordan Mitchell (South Stokes, 35-7) (Dec 5-1)
1A 220
Championship Semifinal
Sergio Saldana (Uwharrie Charter, 59-3) won by decision over Eric Olvera (Mount Airy, 34-5) (Dec 3-1)
Levi Andrews (Avery County, 52-4) won by fall over Tony Rogers (South Stanly, 36-8) (Fall 3:35)
1A 285
Championship Semifinal
Javon Armstrong (Pamlico County, 31-0) won by decision over Khris Mayo (South Stanly, 50-5) (Dec 6-2)
CJ Henderson (Elkin, 43-1) won by decision over Ezekiel Jayne (East Carteret, 36-7) (Dec 6-0)

2A 106
Championship Semifinal
Brock Carey (Foard, 43-2) won by major decision over Jacob Caldwell (Croatan, 46-8) (MD 9-0)
Jorden Schlossman (North Lincoln, 50-6) won by decision over Mariano Mendez (Patton, 58-4) (Dec 8-7)
2A 113
Championship Semifinal
Jacob Cox (South Rowan, 48-3) won by tech fall over Logan Pugh (Dixon, 32-11) (TF-1.5 6:00 (16-1))
Landon Stocks (Ayden – Grifton, 43-5) won by fall over Javon White (Salisbury, 33-8) (Fall 3:36)
2A 120
Championship Semifinal
Kyle Montaperto (Central Academy, 32-1) won by fall over Samuel Hodge (Currituck County, 37-1) (Fall 2:58)
Elijah Boyd (Reidsville, 31-2) won by decision over Langston Hoffman (West Lincoln, 27-6) (Dec 8-6)
2A 126
Championship Semifinal
Braden Riggs (Pisgah, 50-1) won by fall over Cody Jamerson (Madison, 34-11) (Fall 2:43)
Hunter Ross (Central Academy, 25-0) won by fall over David Makupson (Trinity, 48-6) (Fall 3:28)
2A 132
Championship Semifinal
Zane Birtchet (Foard, 58-7) won by decision over Andrew Holden (North Lincoln, 44-8) (Dec 6-4)
Ethan Oakley (Wheatmore, 56-1) won by tech fall over Hunter Dover (Chase, 44-9) (TF-1.5 4:16 (15-0))
2A 138
Championship Semifinal
Will Berkowitz (Shelby, 44-2) won by decision over Braden Wharton (Foard, 53-10) (Dec 14-7)
Xander Pendergrass (West Lincoln, 34-2) won by fall over Cody Williams (Reidsville, 26-6) (Fall 3:07)
2A 145
Championship Semifinal
Jake Dodson (Central Academy, 30-2) won by decision over Jack Hawbaker (First Flight, 49-3) (Dec 7-2)
Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, 55-1) won by major decision over Logan MacFarland (Ledford, 44-7) (MD 14-4)
2A 152
Championship Semifinal
Canon Bridges (West Lincoln, 34-1) won by decision over Brady Ross (Central Academy, 45-3) (Dec 4-0)
Dalton Miller (Mount Pleasant, 43-4) won by decision over Caleb Hines (East Lincoln, 35-3) (Dec 11-7)
2A 160
Championship Semifinal
Corbin Allen (South Point, 57-2) won by fall over Trent Walker (Currituck County, 44-3) (Fall 0:45)
Aiden Curry (Central Academy, 44-6) won by major decision over David Varner (Providence Grove, 41-2) (MD 13-5)
2A 170
Championship Semifinal
Joshua Nichols (Newton-Conover, 44-2) won by decision over Tyler Proffitt (Dixon, 37-4) (Dec 3-2)
Tyler Horton (Morehead, 44-3) won by fall over Kaleb Spann (Patton, 43-7) (Fall 3:40)
2A 182
Championship Semifinal
Landon Foor (Foard, 62-0) won by decision over Steven Campbell (Surry Central, 49-5) (Dec 7-6)
Cole Clark (Newton-Conover, 44-7) won by decision over Alex Roland (West Wilkes, 40-5) (Dec 3-1)
2A 195
Championship Semifinal
Levi Kluttz (Mount Pleasant, 48-3) won by decision over Jeffery Darden (Ayden – Grifton, 32-2) (Dec 2-1)
Sakarri Morrison (Newton-Conover, 49-0) won by major decision over Kareen Stevenson (West Iredell, 41-8) (MD 8-0)
2A 220
Championship Semifinal
Jaron Greer (Ashe County, 47-2) won by fall over Elijah Swinson (North Lenoir, 23-1) (Fall 3:45)
Chase Crayton (Mount Pleasant, 37-9) won by decision over Casey Bolick (Bunker Hill, 40-3) (Dec 2-1)
2A 285
Championship Semifinal
Ryan Walker (Newton-Conover, 50-1) won by fall over Trent Smith (East Lincoln, 32-4) (Fall 4:57)
Devin Daugherty (Wheatmore, 45-2) won by fall over Jordan Lindsay (Reidsville, 24-5) (Fall 3:28)

3A 106
Championship Semifinal
Marcus Jackson (Central Cabarrus, 53-1) won by decision over Lazaro Vasquez (North Henderson, 47-4) (Dec 10-4)
Tyler Tracy (Northwood, 42-0) won by decision over Jahmez Settles (Fike, 45-9) (Dec 11-6)
3A 113
Championship Semifinal
Christian Decatur (C.B. Aycock, 62-0) won by decision over Jackson Baglio (Central Cabarrus, 55-5) (Dec 10-5)
Jake Cauble (Piedmont, 56-6) won by fall over Ethan Lopez (Southwest Guilford, 35-6) (Fall 3:39)
3A 120
Championship Semifinal
Nate Burrage (East Rowan, 43-8) won by decision over Ben Baker (Topsail, 28-3) (Dec 3-2)
Tripp Collins (Piedmont, 61-1) won by decision over Daniel Tierney (Concord, 37-10) (Dec 9-2)
3A 126
Championship Semifinal
Corbin Dion (Enka, 56-5) won by decision over Stephen Cotton (Southern Guilford, 33-3) (Dec 10-7)
Tommy Capul (Marvin Ridge, 27-3) won by decision over Zachery Karagias (Cramer, 39-4) (Dec 5-4)
3A 132
Championship Semifinal
Josh Wilson (Southeast Guilford, 48-0) won by major decision over Greyson Harris (Enka, 55-10) (MD 19-6)
Will Lewis (Western Harnett, 47-2) won by fall over Jeremiah Jackson (Mount Tabor, 45-5) (Fall 1:46)
3A 138
Championship Semifinal
Luke Masterton (Central Cabarrus, 47-11) won by decision over Jack Taylor (Western Harnett, 32-9) (Dec 3-2)
Heath Gonyer (Northern Guilford, 63-0) won by tech fall over Aaron Faison (Union Pines, 44-12) (TF-1.5 4:54 (16-1))
3A 145
Championship Semifinal
Patrick Mahaffey (North Iredell, 43-2) won by decision over Lydell Canady (Westover, 31-5) (Dec 6-4)
Dallas Wilson (Cape Fear, 43-2) won by fall over Hunter Campbell (North Brunswick, 35-1) (Fall 4:29)
3A 152
Championship Semifinal
Tyler Hughes (C.B. Aycock, 60-0) won by fall over Oren Bost (East Rowan, 37-5) (Fall 1:13)
Stephen Baynard (West Henderson, 45-4) won by decision over Jonathan Ross (Union Pines, 52-2) (Dec 6-5)
3A 160
Championship Semifinal
River Carroll (Swansboro, 56-1) won by decision over Caden Earley (A.C. Reynolds, 52-4) (Dec 4-1)
Chandler Jordan (North Iredell, 44-2) won by decision over Luke Artz (Enka, 51-10) (Dec 3-2)
3A 170
Championship Semifinal
Auden Brennan (West Henderson, 48-5) won by major decision over Luke Swinson (Northwest Cabarrus, 33-10) (MD 8-0)
Aaron Bancroft II (Fike, 50-0) won by major decision over Jaden Paul (Cape Fear, 36-9) (MD 21-8)
3A 182
Championship Semifinal
Bryan Aragao (North Brunswick, 47-0) won by major decision over Noah Atkinson (South Brunswick, 34-10) (MD 16-5)
Jake Reynolds (West Carteret, 32-3) won by fall over Kurt Hayes (Charlotte Catholic, 37-4) (Fall 2:59)
3A 195
Championship Semifinal
Colby Maxwell (Enka, 50-8) won by forfeit over Charles Swiggett (Western Guilford, 38-2) (For.)
Amir Joseph (Parkwood, 50-6) won by decision over Saevyon McCray (West Brunswick, 52-5) (Dec 4-2)
3A 220
Championship Semifinal
Triston Norris (North Henderson, 58-3) won by fall over Jacob Barlow (Northern Guilford, 61-2) (Fall 2:45)
Nick Minacapelli (Cape Fear, 31-2) won by fall over Cody Hardy (Parkwood, 46-5) (Fall 4:46)
3A 285
Championship Semifinal
Johnathan King (Southeast Guilford, 35-0) won by fall over Daniel Morrison (Parkwood, 41-6) (Fall 4:28)
Michael Carvin (Triton, 44-1) won by decision over Jamier Ferere (Southern Guilford, 36-5) (Dec 10-5)

4A 106
Championship Semifinal
Mark Samuel (Laney, 50-0) won by decision over Greg Merriman (Mooresville, 50-7) (Dec 6-0)
Brandt Fajerman (Hough, 50-5) won by fall over Luke Kunath (Cardinal Gibbons, 57-3) (Fall 3:12)
4A 113
Championship Semifinal
Richard Treanor (Hough, 48-2) won by decision over Jacob Woodburn (Page, 33-2) (Dec 8-6)
Davis Freeze (Mooresville, 54-10) won by decision over Noah Luna (Providence, 40-8) (Dec 9-2)
4A 120
Championship Semifinal
James Joplin (Northwest Guilford, 52-0) won by decision over Kaiden Fisher (Lake Norman, 51-11) (Dec 13-7)
Maxwell Kiel (Jordan, 33-4) won by decision over William Cline (Providence, 38-10) (Dec 3-1)
4A 126
Championship Semifinal
Riley Edwards (Northwest Guilford, 53-0) won by decision over Richie Rizzuto (Leesville Road, 54-7) (Dec 5-3)
Kobe Early (Cary, 51-0) won by decision over Evan Labella (West Forsyth, 34-9) (Dec 4-2)
4A 132
Championship Semifinal
Jun Figueredo (Hough, 44-8) won by decision over Connor Johnson (Laney, 35-5) (Dec 8-7)
Jaxon Maroney (Cardinal Gibbons, 32-2) won by major decision over Ahmad Smith (Ragsdale, 40-8) (MD 8-0)
4A 138
Championship Semifinal
Marcus Mondragon (Laney, 50-4) won by decision over Timmy Kennett (Lake Norman, 45-9) (Dec 9-2)
Joseph Lock (Jack Britt, 43-4) won by major decision over Benjamin Lance (Wake Forest, 42-4) (MD 11-3)
4A 145
Championship Semifinal
Jayden Dobeck (Pinecrest, 39-7) won by decision over Toure Moore (Grimsley, 37-2) (Dec 9-8)
Kai Paxton (Middle Creek, 48-3) won by decision over Collin Shulman (Hickory Ridge, 52-6) (Dec 4-2)
4A 152
Championship Semifinal
Isaac Shaw (Mooresville, 19-0) won by tech fall over Alex Bentley (Hickory Ridge, 48-8) (TF-1.5 5:23 (18-3))
Kaleb Williams (Apex, 29-3) won by decision over Ryan Sklar (Myers Park, 15-5) (Dec 4-3)
4A 160
Championship Semifinal
Will Lowery (Myers Park, 33-8) won by decision over Noah Williams (Apex, 25-8) (Dec 9-3)
Chris Jones (Middle Creek, 53-1) won by decision over Luke Goodin (Mooresville, 54-5) (Dec 6-2)
4A 170
Championship Semifinal
Donald Cates (Ragsdale, 23-1) won by decision over Devon Bell (Laney, 22-6) (Dec 10-6)
Terrence Martin (Riverside-Durham, 39-5) won in first sudden victory period over Alex Kata (Mallard Creek, 45-11) (SV-1 10-8)
4A 182
Championship Semifinal
Holden Cypher (Millbrook, 59-0) won by fall over Dilyn Roudesbush (Mooresville, 24-4) (Fall 1:45)
Jacob Polansky (Leesville Road, 53-3) won by decision over Ryan Wolfram (Cary, 15-1) (Dec 2-1)
4A 195
Championship Semifinal
Ronnel Wilson (Wake Forest, 41-7) won by decision over Cooper Carlson (Corinth-Holders, 28-13) (Dec 3-2)
Caleb Tate (Lake Norman, 32-6) won by fall over Julian Rawlins (Hough, 31-14) (Fall 1:19)
4A 220
Championship Semifinal
Rylan Vann (Cary, 47-1) won by decision over Dominic Harris (Hough, 45-6) (Dec 8-5)
Aaron Redfearn (Myers Park, 34-10) won by decision over Josh George (South View, 35-3) (Dec 16-13)
4A 285
Championship Semifinal
Marcus Harnarain (Northwest Guilford, 51-9) won in first sudden victory period over Emmanuel Bell (Laney, 42-7) (SV-1 10-8)
George Ayino (South Central, 56-5) won by fall over Shayne Mallory (Page, 30-6) (Fall 1:20)

Courtesy of James Alverson with NCHSAA Media