Word coming out, that Kennedy Tinsley is out as the head football coach at Southeast Guilford High School and looking to land at Mallard Creek HS, with the Mavericks

from news breaking on Twitter, with Joe Sirera and others putting the word out on Twitter tonight…..

After three seasons as the head coach of the Southeast Guilford Falcons, head football coach Kennedy Tinsley has stepped down and he is looking to take his coaching game to Mallard Creek High School, in Charlotte….

Coach Tinsley, the former Dudley High School football player and North Carolina Tar Heel college football player, has only been a head high school football coach for three years/seasons and now he is off to coach at one of the biggest high school programs in the state of North Carolina, in fact Mallard Creek in one of the biggest football schools in all of North Carolina and South Carolina, on the high school level….

Kennedy Tinsley is leaving Southeast Guilford and now the questioning begins, “Who will be the next head coach at Southeast Guilford High School”???
(The SEG Falcons currently have two former local high school head coaches on their assistant coaching staff….Damon Coiro, the former head football coach at Grimsley High School, and Adam Clay, the former head football coach at Western Guilford High School.)

More news on this breaking story on the way….

The 2019 Southeast Guilford football team, led by head coach Kennedy Tinsley, was (9-4) and made it to the second round of the NCHSAA 3-AA playoffs, where they lost to Gray’s Creek, 39-35 at home, in Bill Slayton Stadium…

Southeast Guilford finished at (14-2) in 2018, and the SEG Falcons fell to Weddington, 27-14, in the NCHSAA 3-AA football championship game, which was played in Kenan Stadium, in Chapel Hill….

The Southeast Guilford Falcons completed Kennedy Tinsley’s first year/season(2017) as head coach, at (9-3), and the SEG Falcons lost to the Dudley Panthers 21-13, in the first round of the NCHSAA 3-AA football playoffs…..

Coach Kennedy Tinsley went (32-9) overall in his three seasons as the head football coach at Southeast Guilford High School, 2017-2019, and the SEG Falcons lost just one Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference game, with Coach Tinsley at the helm, going (17-1) over the three years that Coach Tinsley was leading the Falcons…

Here is the word from Langston Wertz Jr.(Charlotte Observer) and from the WBTV 3 files….

Mallard Creek football coach Mike Palmieri leaving for out-of-state position

After building one of the best football programs in Mecklenburg County history, Mallard Creek High football coach Mike Palmieri said leaving the school is one of the hardest things he’s ever done.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Charlotte Observer) – After building one of the best football programs in Mecklenburg County history, Mallard Creek High football coach Mike Palmieri said leaving the school is one of the hardest things he’s ever done.

Palmieri, 45, told the Observer he is resigning from the program where he won three state championships to become head football coach at Denmark High School in Alpharetta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Palmieri will replace Terry Crowder at the 2-year-old school. Crowder retired last month to pursue private school opportunities.

Palmieri said his last day at Mallard Creek is March 6 and he’ll start at Denmark on March 12.

“I think it’s time,” Palmieri said Monday morning. “I’ve been here for 13 years and it’s a great opportunity for me and my family to move and I felt, in my heart, that it was time to go.”

Palmieri found out about the opening through friends in the industry and applied. The fact that it is a newer school and program, he said, was appealing. He started the program at Mallard Creek in 2007.

Palmieri, who said he would get a pay raise, was interviewed two weeks ago and offered the job on Feb. 9. Last week, Denmark ran background checks, fingerprinted Palmieri and awaited approval from the school board, he said.

Monday morning, Palmieri met with his Mallard Creek team in the school auditorium.

He said delivering the news was hard.

“This is family,” he said, “and anytime you leave family, it’s tough, you know? You built relationships and you won’t see these people and these kids as much anymore. But there were a lot of rumors going around and I wanted to make sure they heard it from me first. They were probably a little scared because they don’t know who will take over the job. With a coach here this long, they know the routine and what’s ahead of them, but they’ll adapt.”

Palmieri said Mallard Creek is stocked with talent and plenty capable of a state title run. He said hiring the right coach will be important.

“I want to see this program continue to be the best,” he said. “They’ve got the talent. It’s going to depend on who they bring in and that person’s vision, if they stay on staff, if they don’t. They have big decisions to make. This is a major responsibility to coach this program. It’s a big-time program and there’s pressure to win and do things the right way. Kids expect it and you have to keep it on track.”

In Georgia, Palmieri joins a school that opened in 2018 and is on pace to become one of the largest in the state. Palmieri said the school would switch from 4A to 7A, Georgia’s largest class, next season. Denmark was 5-5 in its first season. It was 7-3 last year and reached the playoffs, then lost to three teams ranked in the Georgia Top 10.

CLICK HERE to read more on Mike Palmieri leaving Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, N.C.
from Langston Wertz Jr. and WBTV 3.com……


  1. I got one name and one name only coach Coiro!!! Seg has a lot of young talent an great community an support an the community wants Coiro can’t afford to let kids start going back over to Dudley!! We have been there an done that

  2. Coach Fritz is not coming back….He has built a very strong program at Southern Alamance High School and that is home to him now…

    I always thought that Coach Kennedy Tinsley would be the next head coach at Dudley High School(when Coach Steven Davis goes home to South Carolina), but it looks like Coach Tinsley has done us all one better and bypassed Dudley and will now be at one of the largest and most successful football programs in the state, and that is not intended as any disrespect toward the Dudley Panthers, but Mallard Creek is a much larger high school and they have stayed at the top of the 4-AA level for the past 10 years….

    Mallard Creek also has a real sweet deal with Under Armour and that keeps their football team outfitted in the best uniforms and equipment around….

    Coach Tinsley skipped the 3-AA level at Dudley, and jumped up to the 4-AA level at Mallard Creek…

    And we still need to keep in mind, Coach Tinsley has only been a head coach for three seasons…Who knows maybe we will see him back in the county, or the 336 again some day…

    We wish him the best and he might tear it up at Mallard Creek and end up on the college level in a few years….Coach Tinsley is still in his 20’s and he is a fast-rising coach, remaining on the fast track to success….

  3. I think Southeast may be in trouble. Losing Coach Tinsley is going to hurt the Falcons. He will be hard to replace.

  4. Coach Tinsley changed an entire community and lives of so many kids in his short time at Southeast. Nothing but love and respect for him and his family. A great coach and an even better man! Best of luck

  5. It sucks for SE to be in this position but huge opportunity for Tins! Big shoes to fill that’s for sure. SE give Coach G a call.

  6. Congrats coach thank you for all you have done for this young men and my son at Southeast . You have been a great role model for the Falcon family, SE Community . We will miss you

  7. Power move for Coach Tinsley. He is by far one of the best coaches in the state of N.C.. it’s not only about football in his program. Mallard Creek is blessed to gain him. He is going to win without a doubt. southeast needs to consider Coach Corio for the Head Coach job if not just hand over the role. The students have a great deal of respect for him as he is a role model for a ton of students not to mention he has one of the best hands down defenses in the state 3A conference. Coach Corio for the next Head Coach at Southeast Guilford. It’s about the students it matters who is next up!

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