Some people are wondering when they can tune into David Glenn again:Others are saying Glenn Gone, Good Riddance!!!

The questions have been flying around over the past two weeks, “Where has David Glenn been”, and will David Glenn be coming back again?”….

The David Glenn Show, on local and statewide sports radio stations for over a decade, came to a close back on Friday March 6, and David Glenn hasn’t been heard from since then…(Except for a guest spot or two he did, on non-David Glenn sports radio network stations…

No talk at all about The David Glenn Show here locally any more, at least not on the current sports shows in the Triad, or from his replacement show, hosted by Patrick Johnson, on the North Carolina News/Sports Network, which is owned and operated, by Curtis Media….

David Glenn is still a writer and reporter for The Athletic, the 24/7 online national sports site, which provides fresh content daily, on the college and professional sports scenes around the United States…

So, David Glenn, has not really been heard from since back then, on Friday March 6

Glenn and the North Carolina Sports Network teamed up in 2013 after Glenn’s successful run at 850 the Buzz in Raleigh.
(Local Triad stations that carried the David Glenn Show included, 600, 920, 1230, 1320 AM and 93.7 FM.)

We were able to catch the news on David Glenn’s departure, from Barrett Sports Media and their leader Jason Barrett and this is what they were saying back on March 6:

The North Carolina Sports Network has let syndicated host David Glenn go. His show was heard weekdays from noon until 3 pm on 11 stations across North Carolina.

Glenn and the North Carolina Sports Network teamed up in 2013 after Glenn’s successful run at 850 the Buzz in Raleigh. He not only went to work for the network, he also sold his magazine The ACC Sports Journal to the North Carolina Sports Network’s parent company, Curtis Media Group.

**********Here are the comments that we have had coming in on David Glenn, and where he has been….*********
(Mixed Reactions here.)

Andy Durham said,

Here are a few notes on the David Glenn Show changes that I was able to pick up from Twitter…RL Bynum on Twitter:

R.L. Bynum
Mar 6
WCMC (99.9 The Fan) today announced that it would no longer air the David Glenn Show when Adam Gold’s noon-3 show starts. But it’s a bigger story than just for the Triangle because Friday’s show was Glenn’s last on the statewide network that the Curtis Media Group syndicates.
R.L. Bynum
Mar 6
This is another reminder that the radio business can be just as cruel as the newspaper business. And decisions can be made when you least expect then. Like after you just finish your show. Amazing.
R.L. Bynum
Mar 6
Patrick Johnson will be the host the next two weeks from noon-3 p.m. on the statewide network that aired the “David Glenn Show.”

Andy Durham said,

In all of this, I think the bottom line is, David Glenn is now looking for a new platform for his radio show…

How many of you will be missing David Glenn while he is gone and what about the other shows, are they in danger of being eliminated too???

Bob said,

I think David Glenn will be back on the radio some day, but the radio is really getting “messed up” around here. Anybody know what the problem is?

Gene Fones said,

Week days from noon until 3:00 won’t be the same. Have been an avid listener since the show started. He will be missed?

Richard T. said,

David Glenn will be back on the radio in a month or two and probably on an FM station like Rock 92. He would fit their sports related themes very well. The answer to the problem is that Rock 92 knows how to do sports and the other stations don’t. Rock 92 should go ALL Sports and the Chris and Chris Show in the morning would still be a perfect fit. Get David Glenn on there and they would ROCK the market with Sports. Make it an ESPN station that would ROCK the Triad.

Paul J. Klosterman said,


Marshall Brown said,

Nothing personal against the man, but I never really cared for his show. He over explains EVERYTHING and spends most of the show telling you what he is going to tk about instead of just talking about it!

Andy Durham said,

You really have to wonder where he(David Glenn) will land next…

He was named the Sports Broadcaster of the Year for North Carolina for 2019, he tied with John Forslund, the play-by-play man for the Carolina Hurricanes and you wouldn’t think David Glenn would be on the shelf for long, if he really wants to get back into the daily sports talk show routine/grind…

Maybe he is ready to just move on….You never know…

He sold his ACC Sports Journal to Curtis Media a while back and those are the people that just let him go and how ironic is that, but now he writes for The Athletic, so maybe that is where he will be for the unforeseeable future…

As Bill Goldberg always says, “Who’s Next” and what’s next for David Glenn??? Bill Goldberg doing a good job on the NCIS show(CBS) on Sunday nights, BTW….

Will Davis said,

My belief is that because David Glenn tells it like it IS, that it s apparently too much truth and REALITY for some people. He is truly the most actual fair and balanced sportscaster I have ever heard.

Andy Durham said,

I sort of wondered if David Glenn leaning at times toward a more liberal way of thinking, and then the people who owned the show, Curtis Media, being very conservative, you wonder if that could have made it easier for Curtis Media to let Glenn go….

You just sort of have to wonder and with David Glenn being pretty much all of the time, anti-Donald Trump, it makes you think that this did not sit well in the overall grand scheme of things, with Curtis Media….
(I know the show was about sports, and not political, but many times the two, sports and politics, did overlap….

David Glenn would tell it like it is and always seemed to have the facts to back up his claims(he was a good attorney), but is this what the brass at Curtis Media were going to allow, did it sit well with them????

You just never know and all of this speculation on my part might just be coincidental…

We are all just having to over-think this situation, not knowing what went on, and is going on behind the scenes/curtain….

Chuck Stein said,

Good riddance. I never understood how David Glenn had a radio show. Every day he needed to let his listeners know that he is a lawyer and has thirty years of experience in law and sports involvement. As a fellow lawyer, I found it very strange that he constantly had to Verbalize his qualifications and remind us that he practiced law. Furthermore the man never took a tough position on anything and always kissed up to every guest he had. But the most annoying aspect of this man was when he would go off on these self righteous quasi political tangents I which he never had on air opposition to debate him or discuss anything. This guy is straight awful. An arrogant windbag. I truly hope he never finds his way back on the radio.

Andy Durham said,

We are getting a lot of different and varying opinions….

We need to hear from you.

Everybody has an opinion, why not share yours with all of us here, at and beyond….

Do you you want the David Glenn Show back, or has his show run its course???

Of course, we will never know what you are thinking, unless you hit that post button….Strike up the band and let us hear from you today….

Marissa said,

It is time for Glenn to be gone and to stay gone.

We need something that is different.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them bring in the Jim Rome Show from noon to 3 or maybe hook up and have the Colin Cowherd Show.

Will Davis said,

Chuck Stein — “The man never took a tough position on anything.” REALLY? ? Did you actually listen to his show? Mr. Glenn was CONSTANTLY stating his hard stand on intolerance of racism, etc. Perhaps by “tough position,” you really mean taking sides.

Andy Durham said,

You can hear David Glenn today/Thursday at 5:30pm…He will be on as a guest on the Rosinski and Yarboro Show, on ESPN 730 AM out of Charlotte…

Dave Glenn will check back in at 5:30 today on 730 AM, out of Charlotte…Easy to pick up on your car radio, if you are doing some driving around…They used to have Gerry V. in that time slot, now it is Rosinski and Yarboro…Not Bill Rosinski, but I think it is his son, Bobby….

David Glenn today at 5:30 on 730 AM ESPN Charlotte…Let’s see what he has to say…..

Wolfpack78 said,

Andy, I didn’t get to hear David Glenn on 730 AM yesterday. Just curious as to what he had to say..???

Andy Durham said,

I listened to the entire interview and NO mention of his radio show ever came up…

His entire talk on 703 AM was about the ACC Basketball Tournament being shut down and the ending of the NCAA Tournament…

He talked about the possibilities of the ACC Tournament returning to Greensboro in three years, since this year Greensboro had the tournament taken away, before it got started good, and he felt like Greensboro deserves a chance to get the ACC Tournament back here soon, since we lost it this year…

Lots of basketball talk about the tournaments, how all of this was a historical moment/a time frame in college basketball, and overall sports history, but not a good time, since everything has been shut down/closed out…

No mention at all of his show, and he was on there, on 730 AM, for around 15 minutes…

He may be keeping all of his radio plans for the future on the sly, and he may feel like legally, it might be better to remain quiet on this subject until he realizes what his next plan of attack will be….

Who knows, maybe he will go the Mark Packer and Taylor Zarzour route and head to Sirius/XM Radio. And then again, he might be coming to a local radio station near you soon…

We just never know, so stay tuned…

Dee said,

David Glenn show should definitely be back on the air, certainly don’t want to hear Adam and Joe’s snarky comments all day!!!
David in my opinion is by far The best sports personality in North Carolina.

Duane Willis said,

I agree with an earlier post from Marshall Brown. I had got to the point where I couldnt listen to his show anymore unless there was a guest host. Ive never heard a radio host say the same thing in different ways 14 times before not getting to the actual point until after a commercial. It was like he didnt have enough content and needed to stretch his show. I was a fan in the beginning, but the past couple years his show in my opinion was tired and boring. Now if we can get rid of Clay Travis in the morning. His show is basically Fox News with a little sports mixed in.

Charles Newmark said,

Only unbiased radio announcer in the afternoon.Was completely objective and well-articulate. Will be deeply missed.

Clint A said,

My question to anyone who is a Glenn fan or supporter is how can you support him when at every chance he takes the opportunity to tell the listeners how stupid and ignorant we are. He does understand we are the reason he had a show right? Anyone who called in he cut off immediately and talked for 5 minutes then never let them finish their statement. He constantly talked about how our state has never done anything in football. Guess what? We are a basketball state genius. You would think the genius newspaper attorney who was best buddies with Deano and K would know that by now. Needless to say good ridance in my opinion. I will not miss his neverending rambling and higher than thou stances.

Jason williams said,

Really enjoyed his show! He always had great insight. Straight up man. Hope he gets a new gig in this market.

Dr Doctor said,

perhaps now dg can be a personal spokesman for Colin Kaepernick amd HB2—His personal stand on these two as well as his love for UNC and the defense of their cheating caught up with him—GOOD RIDDANCE

Tom R. said,

I never could understand why he always felt it necessary to give his resume (i.e. lawyer, writer etc.) before his analysis. Also, if a caller didn’t agree with him, the caller was “ignorant” and a “racist”. His pandering to his guests, and his incessant laughing became nauseating.
Bless him. Maybe he can use this opportunity move back to Philadelphia.


  1. David Reader Jr./D.J. Reader and David Glenn, those two guys are making the sports news in a big way…..

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