Sports Movies to be watching Over-and-Over Again, while the Coronavirus/COVID-19 takes over our Regular Daily Rountines:Hoosiers, Hoosiers, Hoosiers!!!(NCAA topper, Lorenzo Charles or Christian Laettner?)

The TV networks have been giving us the sports Rewind games over the past couple of weeks, with NCAA basketball, NASCAR, hockey, golf, and other sports contests that were played several years/seasons ago, and they are trying to give us the “best games of all time”…

The N.C. State-Houston men’s NCAA Basketball Championship Game from 1983, was shown on CBS last Saturday, and that is in my opinion the best basketball game of ALL TIME…

You just can’t put Duke-Kentucky in the same line of thinking, since State-Houston was a NCAA Finals Championship Game, and the Duke-Kentucky game was a Regional Game…

The shot by Lorenzo Charles, to win the game for N.C. State, was also the “Greatest College Basketball Shot”, of all time…He did it on a Slam Dunk, and he did it by grabbing an errant shot by Dereck Whittenburg and slamming it home, giving N.C. State the 54-52 victory, over the Houston Cougars…State had to overcome Houston and Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon in a NCAA Championship Game, where Olajuwon had something like 22 points and 17 rebounds for the Cougars…

Christian Laettner’s shot to beat Kentucky, off of the long pass from Grant Hill was really something, but I don’t think you can even compare that shot and that game to what N.C. State and Lornezo Charles did…How is that possible??? Charles’s shot and the N.C. State win over Houston must go down as the “Greatest in NCAA College Basketball History”….

Now that we have all of that cleared up, what’s the Sports Movie that you would be willing to watch over and over again, now that our Regular Daily Routines have all been altered by the Coronvirus/COVID-19???

I wish TV 48 would give us a heavy dose of these all-time great sports movies…

Here are the ones I would like to see and what about the rest of you???

#1 in a landslide for me would be Hoosiers…..I say Hoosiers, Hoosiers, Hoosiers….And coach Norman Dale hears that famous last line from Jimmy Chitwood in the timeout huddle….”I can hit that shot coach”, says Jimmy…Coach Norman Dale(Gene Hackman) then says, “Get the ball to Jimmy”….

Other movies if we are putting together a Top Ten…

#2 The Natural
#3 Brian’s Song
#4 Slap Shot
#5 Field of Dreams
#6 The Best of Times(Football Movie with Robin Williams and Kirk Russell)
#7 The Rookie
#8 The Blind Side
#9 Overcomer(Movie about a Cross-Country coach and his one-person cross country team….Could watch this one all day long.)
#10 Glory Road(Texas Western wins 1966 NCAA Men’s Basketball Title, coached by Don Haskins.)

Line ’em up, and TV 48/SBG/Sinclair Broadcasting Group needs to get that Sports Projector rolling……..
++++++++++We are watching Walker Texas Ranger, with Chuck Norris(Cordell Walker) and Clarence Gilyard(Jimmy Trivette), plus Alex Cahill and CD over-and-over again, on Charge TV these days/nights from 7-10pm, so give us some sports movies too, OK?++++++++++

**********News just broke today/This Just In:
Sinclair Broadcasting Group/SBG will start airing all of the Rocky movies on CHARGE TV, 45-3 here locally during the entire month of April…

Rocky movies, all of them on Charge TV, on the weekends in April….