Ten Questions for Carter Williams(Northeast Guilford HS/North Carolina Central University) as he waits and wonders what will happen with the 2020 MLB Draft

Carter Williams(Northeast Guilford High School) has put up some impressive career numbers for the N.C. Central Eagles baseball team and he was hoping to be a part of the 2020 MLB Draft in June, if that happens in June…

Carter Williams at North Carolina Central University baseball for 2020, outfielder playing in 9 games for N.C. Central and the NCCU Eagles were (6-11) overall, with senior Carter Williams in his nine games batting .316, with 7 RBI and 0 HR’s..

Career numbers for Carter Williams, who broke N.C. Central University’s baseball record for Doubles(41), and also became the NCCU all-time hits leader with 193, and the games played leader at 145….

**********Ten(10) Questions for Carter Williams, as he waits and wonders about the 2020 MLB/Major League Baseball Draft……**********

1) Where are you staying/living these days?
Carter Williams:I am living and spending time with my father everyday.

2) What kind of baseball work are you doing right now?
CW:Me, my dad, and brother have spent our time doing pro-style workouts at the field and watching film on players in the MLB that I try to compare my game to. We’ve been very proactive during this epidemic, This is a very crucial time to keep my skills sharp mentally as well as physically. The mental game is a vital part of my success and is very overlooked.

3. How about your academic work, how are you completing that?
CW:I’m making sure my academics are taken care of every single day. Academics are very important to me as a person, keeping a planner handy keeps me intact to turn in my work and to let me know what is due.

4) What are expectations for the June MLB Draft? Do you expect to be drafted?
CW:My expectations are very high for this years draft! Me and my dad have put our all into this game since I was 4 years old playing tee-ball. It would be a life-long dream to play the game I love at the professional level. We’ve spent countless hours on perfecting my craft and we continue to do so. Growing up my Father instilled diligence, as well as hunger when it comes to the game of baseball. We are hoping my dream comes true to be what I’ve always worked to be which is a professional baseball player.

5) Any teams that have shown interest in you?
CW:Yes quite a few teams. (Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Houston Astros.

6) Can you in any way, get your Senior year of college back at NCCU, and would you come back for one more year?
CW:Yes, it was issued by NCAA that seniors are in fact able to get their senior year back. Which is a big deal since our whole year was taken away in such short notice. Me and my family are hoping for the draft to work out, hopefully, to hear my name called or to get a free agent deal but if it doesn’t work out I will return back to NCCU with my teammates that I call my brothers in big hopes to have a great year from start to finish.

7. Why has NCCU been the right school for you?
CW:I am able to get the learning that I need from such a great institution. NCCU has been amazing educationally as well as meeting people in my life that I will never ever forget. The fit was perfect for not only me but my family too because of the distance.

8. Memories you have from baseball at Northeast Guilford High School?
CW:All my memories were amazing it is hard to pick which one means the most to me. Playing those varsity games under the lights with the most supportive fans I have ever encountered will always be a memory. Coach White believed in me and gave me a shot to be able to come in and start as a freshman. This built character in me to believe in myself and to always compete. The coaching staff at Northeast allowed me to become a man and to always work hard and to give my 110% day in and day out. I built relationships with players and coaches that I love and will never forget.

9) You missed some games this year for central before the season was stopped, was that due to injury?
CW:Yes, unfortunately, I missed some games due to a minor concussion, that kept me out for a few weeks.

10) The coaches you have had that you will always remember, as your journey continues?
CW:Yes most definitely. Coach White is a Coach I will never forget, as well as Coach Koerner because both of these coaches have believed in me as a player to be able to get the job done. That takes a lot of trust on their part and they have allowed me to be who I am today. Coach Raiola is also a coach I will always remember from this past summer for the Valley Blue Sox in the NECBL because he as well believed in me. These coaches have made a positive impact on me as a baseball player.

**********Bonus Question: What do you say to this Coronavirus??? Leave us alone, Please go away, HELP??? any thoughts?**********
CW:This Coronavirus has caused trouble to everyone in America and I am hoping it goes away soon, just so everyone can get back to their normal life. Although it has been negative and might outweigh the positives right now, we should be thankful for life and we should really all cherish the little things.

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