There are Two Sides to every Coin:Southeast Guilford has a new football coach/Northeast Guilford is looking for a new football coach again(Earl Bates from NEG is the new head football coach at SEG)

I hate this for the Northeast Guilford Rams and their football program, but I have to say this is a big pickup for the Southeast Guilford Falcons and their overall athletics program…

When I first heard the news, my heart and stomach both sunk for Northeast Guilford, but when I saw in that press release, that Coach Earl Bates will not only be the new head football coach at Southeast Guilford High School, but he will also be the new head boys Track and Field coach, that was a game-changer….

I wish for the sake of the NEG Rams, that they still had their coach, but for the SEG Falcons, they have a gold-mine in the making…

This former ‘Cat/Eastern Guilford Wildcat is fast…At least he was VERY fast back in his day, and he can teach that same speed and quickness to his football players and track athletes at Southeast Guilford High School…He ran track and played high school football at Eastern Guilford High School, and he is still one of the top football and track athletes to ever come out of Eastern Guilford High School…Pretty sure he ran the 400 meters at EG and then went on to play both football and ran track at Western Carolina Univeristy…He is a former Catamount, if my ancient history serves me correctly…

Sure SEG has a very good new football coach, but the Track part is the super-extra part of the equation….He doesn’t really have to go out there and show you how to run, now at his advancing age, but he can tell running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, linebackers and even quarterbacks how to run, and he knows it so very well…This man, Earl Bates, knows what is going on, when it comes to running and teaching running….

Eastern Guilford has a fine new football coach folks, but his running work and background, that is the “Ace in the Hole”….

He has been successful everywhere he has been….In high school, at Eastern Guilford HS, in college at Western Carolina…In coaching at Reidsville HS, Morehead HS, Southern Guilford HS, Northeast Guilford HS, and now he will be successful at Southeast Guilford HS….SEG has one of the top running backs in the state of North Carolina, in Jalen Fairley, and Fairley went for around 1,800 yards last season on 241 carries, with 12 TD’s, if my memory serves me correctly and let me tell you something, he is about to get even better, much better in 2020, with Earl Bates coaching him…

I am a runner myself, and do a lot of walking too, and when I come back in from the road, I am looking for something and when I found this news, my first reaction was sadness for the NEG Rams, since they have become a “dropping off point” for coaches, instead of a “Destination”…But when I saw Earl Bates will be coaching Track at SEG, along with his head football duties, my feeling turned to excitement for the SEG Falcons…

If you are a Falcon, you have to excited today/tonight…
(I have been all over the county, and have seen pretty much everything going on, all over the county for the last 45 years, and this is a very good move for Southeast Guilford High School, right here.)

**********Here is the word from Email, that I saw when I got back home from the trail tonight…**********

Southeast High School
Dr. Mark Seagraves
Home of the Falcons

from the Southeast Guilford High School Athletics Department and Athletic Director Shawyn Newtron on April 2, 2020:

Southeast Guilford Athletics would like to announce Earl Bates as the new head football coach of the Falcons. He is a Western Carolina graduate; Coach Bates has coached football and track. He has succeeded in furthering his student athletes both on and off the field in their athleticism, academic success, and positive character.

Coach Bates is a Guilford County native who has spent the last three years as Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator at Northeast Guilford High School. Under his direction the Rams finished in 2nd place in the Mid-State 3A conference with a 10-3 record. Coach Bates was named the 2019 conference coach of the year.

Prior to Northeast Guilford he spent one year at Southern Guilford High. During his time at Southern Guilford, his team finished 12-3, advancing to the fourth round of State Playoffs. He was named Conference Coach of the Year. He spent the previous five years at Morehead High School in Eden, NC.

Coach Bates has an extensive background in football, his previous 20 seasons were spent at 2A powerhouse Reidsville High School as their wide receiver coach. He was part of the staff that won the 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2009 State Championships.

Coach Bates has high expectations for students to strive for excellence, not only by improving their physical ability, but also by displaying respectful behaviors and improving academic growth. He has coached several student-athletes that have gone on to play in the Shrine Bowl, East-West game, College Football and the NFL.

With the support of his loving family, wife Jennifer and son Braylon, Coach Bates would like to develop long term relationships within the Southeast community and demonstrate his commitment to building strong leaders for the future through programmatic changes he has put in place to improve the overall football program by instilling a system of accountability, commitment, and perseverance.

In the Essence of Falcon Pride, please help us welcome Coach Bates and his family to the nest.

There are Two Sides to every Coin:Southeast Guilford has a new football coach/Northeast Guilford is looking for a new football coach again(Earl Bates from NEG is the new head football coach at SEG)….

Let me go back to my opening statement and say, every coin has two sides. The front is called “heads” and, from early Roman times, usually depicts a country’s head of state….(Like the head football coach.) The back is called “tails”. a term possibly originating from the British ten pence depicting the raised tail of a heraldic lion/Ram….This time around SEG got heads and NEG got tails, and we will see which this story turns as we progress ahead into the new football seasons….

Just trying to tie all of our points together with a ‘message of the day’…..