The Top Coaches Ever/The Best Coach you ever had and talking with Addison Edwards, the son of Brantley Edwards:Edwards a Greensboro Youth Football Legend

This week we heard from Ronald Rodo Robinson and he said this about his former youth football coach, Brantley Edwards….

Coach Edwards(RIP) was my mite football coach and he made an indelible impression on me and my life as well. The moments I spent on the field with him were cherished and can be vividly recalled as well as the times my brother Reg and JR spent at his home on weekends with his family. His method to challenging you to expel your intestinal fortitude on the field was uncanny. He had an presence that transcended football and a laugh that could shake a room. Plus we won city championships two out of my three years and we were runner-up to Warnersville in that one, as Freddie Barnes scored lone touchdown in fourth quarter. Consistent coaching.

Brantley Edwards is no longer with us, RIP, but we did catch up with his son, who has coached successful football teams himself over the years, while working with the Page Pirates varsity squad, and the football teams at Kiser Middle School, plus others…

Here are our questions for Addison Edwards, as we look back at his dad, Brantley Edwards, and his days as a Greensboro Youth Football Coach…..

Questions for the son of Brantley Edwards, Addison Edwards…

1)What made Coach Brantley Edwards such a successful coach?
Addison Edwards:Dad and Jerry Stanley both believed strongly in fundamentals. They spent hours on blocking and tackling. Kids that came out of Lewis Center were known to be hitters. Dad would ride around the Lewis neighborhoods and look for kids to recruit in the summer. After he started having success the kids would come to him. One thing a lot of folks may not know was he never refused to sign a release if a kid wanted to go play somewhere else.

2)What was his sports background like, before he became a coach?
AE:Dad didn’t have an extensive background in football but he studied the game a lot. We went to a lot of clinics together. A lot like Frank Starling at Page. They both became very good at what they did.

3)As his son, how tough was he on you, as opposed to how he treated your teammates?
AE:Ask anybody who played for their dad and I think most would agree it wasn’t always easy. Practice never ends.
He always said, and I believed him, that he got more energy and enjoyment out of being around the kids than they could ever get from him.

4)What is the most special thing you learned from your dad, as a coach??? Was their something special or unique that he taught you, that you will never forget?
AE:The biggest thing I think I learned from him is that it has to be fun. Dad was a legendary prankster. I believe the stories of the Gorilla costume have been documented on your website before.

5)If you could talk to your dad now, what would you tell him about all of the attention he has garnered, even though he has gone home???
AE:Honestly Andy, if I could talk to Dad today I think the first thing he would want to know is how the heck is Danny Manning still the coach at his beloved Wake Forest.