Randall Hackett riding a Tractor/John Deere Mower and Eastern Guilford AD is getting the job done!!!

from Amanda Ferguson, with WFMY TV 2 Sports…..CLICK HERE to see Eastern Guilford High School Athletic Director Randall Hackett, riding the tractor/John Deere Mower, mowing the athletic fields, and really getting the job done down at EGHS, in Gibsonville….

EG AD Randall Hackett is giving his all on the tractor/John Deere Mower and maybe we will see EG principal Lance Sockwell, coming in and giving Randall so relief help in the next few days…

‘It’s a priority thing and pride issue’: No sports, but local high schools maintain its fields
Eastern Guilford’s athletic director continues to mow all of his field despite life without sports.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Eastern Guilford’s Athletic Director Randall Hackett is used to taking care of the fields alone, in the summertime.

He didn’t expect summer to come so soon.

Without spring sports, he still has a duty to do. Hackett said during the school year, a few coaches help him take care of the fields.

“Kids come here and leave here, and go somewhere else, and say, ‘Man, our fields are better than somebody else’s,” said Hackett. “We feel like we do that in a very positive light but we want to continue that.”