Looking at who will be the Top High School Quarterbacks in our area in 2020???

The Spring football practices may end up being shelved this time around, with the Coroanvirus/COVID-19 still looming heavily over the heads, of the heads of the Guilford County Schools, so with that in mind, most of the coaches and football leaders will be approaching Spring 2020, with not much planning for a Spring Football Practice Season…

The kids are being told to keep the individual workouts going and the high school football players are getting tips and coaching instructions from their head coaches and assistant coaches, all over Twitter, Instagram, Zoom, Tik-Tok and the like….

We like to keep some of the upcoming season interest up-and-running and so today, we run with some of the top Quarterbacks to be keeping and eye and ear on, as the 2020 High School Football Season draws nearer…

Here we go with some of the QB’s that put up some very solid numbers in 2019 and we expect them to be ready to do more of the same, in 2020…This could be one of those “Year of the Quarterbacks”, in Guilford County, in 2020…

Here is who we have so far on our ‘Watch List’…..

1)Will Lenard(Northern Guilford High School)…2019 #’s:13 Games going 227-363 passing(62.5%) for 2,910 yards, with 27 TD’s/10 INT’s…Will be a Senior in 2020

2)Kamell Smith(Eastern Guilford High School)…2019 #’s:12 Games going 146-283 passing(51.6%) for 2,007 yards, with 22 TD’s/14 INT’s…Will be a Senior in 2020

3)Conway McCoury(Southern Guilford High School)…2019 #’s:7 Games going 48-99(48.5%) for 1,050 yards, with 9 TD’s/1 INT….Will be a Senior in 2020
Myles Crisp(Southern Guilford High School)…2019 #’s:10 Games going 48-98(49.0%) for 920 yards, with 7 TD’s/2 INT’s…Will be a Senior in 2020
Southern Guilford quarterback combo going 96-197 for 1,970 yards, with 16 TD’s/3 INT’s…

4)Micah Salmon(Northwest Guilford High School)…2019 #’s:11 Games going 107-221(48.4%) for 1,676 yards, with 17 TD’s/10 INT’s…Will be a Senior in 2020

5)Jahmier Slade(Dudley High School)…2019 #’s:12 Games going 86-164 passing(52.4%) for 1,543 yards, with 13 TD’s/6 INT’s…Will be a Junior in 2020

6)Alonza Barnett(Grimsley High School)…2019 #’s:11 Games going 71-133(53.4%) for 1,001 yards, with 12 TD’s/6 INT’s…Will be a Junior in 2020(Barnett at Page HS in 2019)

7)Zion Fleming(Southeast Guilford High School) 2019 #’s:8 Games going 65-133(48.9%) for 911 yards, with 5 TD’s/3 INT’s…Will be a Senior in 2020

We will be looking for others to add on to this list…
++++++++++Luke Homol(High Point Christian Academy) in 2019 was in 7 Games going 80-149(53.7%) for 1,340 yards, with 20 TD’s/4 INT’s…Homol will be a Senior in 2020
Gavin Kuld(High Point Christian Academy) in 2019 was in 12 Games going 38-82(46.3%) for 602 yards, with 10 TD’s/5 INT’s…Kuld will be a Senior in 2020++++++++++
(A quick look for you, from the Private School level in Guilford County.)


  1. It appears Grimsley and their football staff and new athletic administration is the new top dawg in recruiting in guilford county. After all these years of everyone complaining that Dudley recruits, look at what those guys at Grimsley are doing. New QB coming in from Page. Another guy coming in from SWG, to go along with some others. Havent heard anyone complaining about them and recruiting. Wonder why???

  2. One of the things that’s peaking my curiosity right now is, who will be the next Page HS quarterback???

    Also wondering who will be next in line at Ragsdale HS?

  3. Chile please! Dudley just had the big DL from SWG last season. You already complaining. Where did your current QB play middle school at?

  4. How convenient for the QB from Page to move over to a ready made program with Shaw and Albright…Adding more here and there as I heard he and others were already recruiting kids to transfer to Grimsley. At least the Academic program at Dudley is truly a benefit to the student all around. Now, everyone wants to go to an IB program that’s offered elsewhere? Very convenient.

  5. Aside from that, Guilford County should not be so antiquated and let athletes go where they want to anyway. We are in a free country where we can choose our education as well as where they want to play. Just like your job. Other school districts do it and they have all faired well. We are SO BEHIND the times.

  6. Forget about who is playing where or who is switching schools whether they were recruited or not. Let’s talk about these young men listed above and the possibilities of 2020 (hopefullly) being the year of the QB in the 336.

    I have read kids from EG and HPCA have had offers to play at the next level. Any word on others? There are some good ones on that list. I am sure Grimsley QB will get looks what about Dudley QB and NG kid throwing for almost 3k last year as first year starter. Anyone showing interest for others?

    I am just hoping for these kids sake that the season will go off without a hitch.

  7. On the list for QB Kamell Smith, from Eastern Guilford High School, we see these colleges so far…and there may be more on the way….

    Army/West Point

    *****We will be checking for the other QB’s and see what they have going on too.*****

  8. Alot of talent done left Page the past 2 years, wonder if coaching was the problem.

  9. The stats and numbers we have are correct, at least they are correct as they were reported to MaxPreps…

    You need to talk to your coach, the coaches send the numbers to MaxPreps and that is what we go with…

    We are correct, based upon what we have been supplied…

    Again, talk to your coach….

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