Phenom Hoops partners with JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital

Statesville, NC – Phenom Hoop Report is pleased to announce our partnership with JB
Fitzgerald Venture Capital as a strategic investor and managing partner, led by former Clemson
All-Time Great and 8 Year NBA Veteran Trevor Booker and President Jonah Baize.

JB Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the leaders in the industry and Phenom Hoop Report joins the
JB Fitzgerald conglomerate of various successful Sports and Entertainment businesses including
the MLS team D.C. United.

The new partnership allows Phenom Hoop Report to grow and develop its existing successful business
with heightened resources onboarded from the JB Fitzgerald fund.

JB Fitzgerald approached Phenom Hoop Report late in 2019 and the conversations continued
into early 2020. JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital, having an eye for promising and talented brands,
as well as a knack for scaling sports companies, identified Phenom as a potential outlet for them
to place their next strategic investment. JB Fitzgerald joins Phenom leadership with the intent to
help scale and grow the reach of the brand nationally.

Phenom Hoop Report has developed an impeccable reputation of hosting camps, travel ball, and
scholastic events, as well as an NCAA compliant scouting service. Phenom events are known for
being well organized, professional, and providing an excellent platform for a multitude of young
players. With the introduction of this strategic investment, Phenom now has a greater
opportunity to reach new heights in the basketball community.

JB Fitzgerald President, Jonah Baize, said, “Phenom and Rick Lewis have created an incredibly
reputable outlet for student-athletes, coaches, and teams to exploit their talent. We have
analyzed dozens of similar businesses and have never seen a brand with such positive customer
satisfaction and an overwhelmingly positive regional reputation in the industry. Our goal is to
deploy our proven resources to help drive Phenom Hoops to a nationally recognized engine in
the sports media and event space.”

For Phenom Hoops, it’s business as usual. The staff of Rick Lewis, Donnie Bui, Jeff Bendel,
Patrick O’Brien, and Webb Wellman will stay intact and have been busy providing daily content,
video, and scheduling of their 2020-2021 scholastic events. In addition, with this new
investment, Phenom will be expanding its staff and its platform to provide a greater opportunity
for players and teams. The best is yet to come!