What if we could not have High School Football in the Fall???:Would High School Football in the Spring work???(Coach/Governor Cooper will make The Call)

There is still talk stirring that college football may have to forego their upcoming Fall seasons, and in turn move the College Football seasons to the Spring of 2021…

That sure would make for a busy Spring sports season on the collegiate level, but the college athletic leaders, such as the AD’s and the presidents, say they can not survive if they have to play football in the Fall without fans….They need the revenue from the college football gates to make their athletic departments exist…

Without the football funds/gate receipts, many college athletic programs would have to shut down, and if they didn’t shut down, they would have to look to drop certain sports programs, from their overall collegiate athletic programs…

What if the governor(Roy Cooper) and his staff said the kids can go back to school(Elementary, Middle and High School), but in the beginning of the return to school and to athletic competition, you can have games, but you Can Not have fans in attendance

How would that work for the high schools??? You have football games, but NO fans can attend??? And say, would it make any difference if you had the games, and only family can attend???

The football games would go on, but only mom and dad, plus maybe little sis and little brah, can come watch the kids’ games…..

How would that work?

Would it be a better line of thinking and a better working plan, if you can’t have fans in the Fall and then you just move the entire Fall High School Football Season of 2020, to the Spring of 2021…And you can then have fans and pack the stadiums again…

Move the high school football season to the Spring of 2021? What do you think and would it make any sense at all, to play in the Fall of 2020, with NO fans in attendance?

The high schools need the fan revenues just as bad as the colleges do….

High School and all school may be back in session on Monday May 18…..The governor’s current Out-of-School restrictions are set to end on Friday May 15

But if the governor(Roy Cooper) says school is back, and sports/athletics can resume, but NO fans, do you play on with the abbreviated Spring sports schedule, to complete Spring 2020???

NO fans in the stands means NO funds in the cash box, and NO funds in the cash box means, NO money to run the Athletic Programs…

How much input will the NCHSAA have in all of this??? So far they have been following the lead of the governor(Roy Cooper)

Fall Football with NO Fans, or Spring Football with Fans???

The high schools may not have to even deal with this, if the governor(Roy Cooper) announces a Roll Out of schools back in session on May 18 and all Spring Sports can complete their seasons, at their own discretion, with no restrictions

May 18 is less than a month away, and now is the time for the heads-of-state to be considering which way we are going to go, once we reach that Friday May 15 deadline….

There is lot on the table, and all of these sports are FUN and redemptive for the kids, but they cost money to operate and we have to come up with the BEST plan, as we move forward….

If you have any ideas or suggestions, send them our way…The Spring Football idea may turn out to be the best plan, if that becomes the only way to bring in gate review….

Final thoughts again are:We have to come up with the BEST plan, as we move forward….

**********Our lesson of the day for the high school students that might be reading this today is, The Governor of North Carolina is Roy Cooper. We stressed this more than once in our diatribe, and that was part of the message….The kids need to know, without hesitation, who the governor is…(Roy Cooper)**********

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  1. I don’t know what is on people’s minds! If it is NOT SAFE for the fans, why would it be safe for the athletes? They are people too and NOT JUST COMMODITIES! We have sons that play in high school and college, and we could CARE LESS about their money. Our children’s lives are at stake….and these people want REVENUE??!!?! That’s crazy…No school, No sports, No fans…Nobody. Period.

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