Jim Goard with the Word on Summer Baseball for the Greensboro Red Wings and Greensboro Redhawks


I wanted to take a moment to update you on our plan to provide baseball for our young people this summer.

You’ve asked the question “Will there be baseball in Greensboro this summer?” The answer to that question is “YES”…as long as the restrictions on gatherings are lifted to allow us to safely do so. We will have one senior team known as the Redwings for players aged 18-19. We will also have one junior team known as the Redhawks for players 17 and under. We will compete with teams from the surrounding counties.

As was announced earlier this week, the Redwings and Redhawks are part of a group baseball people that are 100% committed to seeing the kids play this summer. We are forming the NC3 American Baseball League. NC3 will fill the gap left when American Legion Baseball was canceled due to COVID-19.

The best way to stay up to date is to follow our senior team on Twitter at @gsoredwings and our junior team at @gsoredhawks. The NC3 can be found on Twitter at @NC3_baseball. The NC3 can also be found on Facebook at NC3 American League Baseball.

We hope to open our season on June 1. A decision on that will be announced on May 15. If the restrictions have not been lifted by that date, we will push things back two weeks. We are willing to hang in there and start as late as July 1 if we have to.

If anyone has questions or needs more details, they can reach me by email at jim@jimgoard.com.

Thanks again for your support.

Jim Goard
Greensboro Redwings/Redhawks