Javon Leake(Page HS/Maryland Terrapins) signs Undrafted Free Agent deal with the New York Giants:From New York and headed back to New York

Javon Leake, from Page High School in Greensboro, N.C., is on his way to the New York Giants, as a running back and kick returner…Undrafted Free Agent Deal, signed this morning…

++++++++++Another Page High School running back signed with the New Giants several years back, and that was Lee Rouson, who played his college football at Colorado….++++++++++

from Twitter:
Javon Leake, the Bronx native, is heading to the Meadowlands, as he signed an UDFA with the New York Giants…..

No coincidence his twitter handle is

Javon Leake now with the New York Giants, but back in the day with us at the old Shane’s Rib Shack, for our Football in Focus program….Back when Javon Leake was a Page Pirate…CLICK BELOW for that show/Interview from Shane’s…