Wake Watch Continues, as WFU Basketball Search picks up the pace and we hear they are in a hurry to name the next head coach:Wake Forest Bringing in former UNC Tar Heel or former Duke Blue Devil??(Today’s Money is on Miller!!!)/Steve Forbes now trending

**********Seeing Twitter source tonight/Wednesday, that Wake Forest has offered the basketball job to Steve Forbes, from East Tennessee State University….We will see what comes out of this update….**********
(Steve Forbes has been one of Wake’s top candidates.)
More on Steve Forbes:Steve Forbes (born March 22, 1965) is an American college basketball head coach for the East Tennessee State men’s basketball team. His Division I experience includes five years at Tennessee, two seasons at Texas A&M, one year at Illinois State, three years at Louisiana Tech, and two years at Idaho…The only Division I head coaching experience for Steve Forbes has been at East Tennessee State……

The Wake Forest Basketball coaching hire is still in a full steam ahead process, and the “Wake Watch”, from what we are hearing today, is becoming a search that has hit the “Hurry Up” stage/button…

One of Wake’s preseason slogans from the past was, “The Gold Rush is On”, but really, what’s the hurry for Wake and AD John Currie???

What is the Rush?

Wake Forest spent plenty of time before they let Danny Manning go, and now they are moving much quicker, as they look to hire the next head men’s basketball coach…You would think that Wake would want to take their time and get this move right this time….

But some sources are putting out the 48-hour “Wake Watch”, before a new coach is named at Wake Forest University….

And with that being said, who are the top candidates for the Wake job, and will the new coach be named by this Friday….

We have been told that Jeff Goodman has an inside on who the next Wake coach will be, and here is who Jeff Goodman has on his short list….

from Twitter:
Jeff Goodman(@GoodmanHoops)
2020-04-28 21:37:40
Still no change for me as far as the Wake Forest situation is concerned. Steve Forbes and Wes Miller remain two leaders in the clubhouse, per source.

Here is another list, a Top Five list for the Wake Forest job and it is coming in, surfacing from the Wake Forest Basketball Message Boards:
Thad Matta
Steve Forbes
Wes Miller
Tommy Amaker
Pat Kelsey

Wes Miller on both lists and Wes a former UNC Tar Heel, and now a UNCG head basketball coach and Wes being a former Tar Heel, does not seem to be roadblock…

Tommy Amaker, a former Duke Blue Devil player and currently the coach at Harvard, and is Tommy Amaker really the coach Wake wants?

Wes Miller and Tommy Amaker on the short lists and today, from the boards and other media, Tommy Amaker has jumped right into the main mix…Tommy Amaker may have just become a front-runner…

If it were me, and this is only me in this case, I would take Wes Miller over Tommy Amaker….Miller knows this area better than Amaker, Miller is younger than Amaker, and really Miller has done a better job at UNCG, than what Amaker has done at Harvard….

So, today, Wes Miller is your best candidate for the Wake Forest coaching job….

Wes Miller is in tune with what is happening in the neighborhood, as some of the media leaders like to say…..

Why not Wes Miller???

Any thoughts from you?

He may be headed to UNC for the Tar Heels’ job one day, but those Wake Forest-North Carolina games sure would be loads of fun, until that day were to arrive….

Wes Miller, or is there another leader in the clubhouse….And should Wake be in such a hurry to get this hire done???

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