The Wake Watch is Over:Steve Forbes(East Tennessee State) new Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Wake Forest University

Nothing on the Wake Forest basketball website yet, but here it is from Wikipedia:
The most recent Wake Forest University men’s basketball coach is Steve Forbes, who was hired on April 30, 2020.

More on Steve Forbes:Steve Forbes (born March 22, 1965) was an American college basketball head coach for the East Tennessee State men’s basketball team. His Division I experience includes five years at Tennessee, two seasons at Texas A&M, one year at Illinois State, three years at Louisiana Tech, and two years at Idaho…The only Division I head coaching experience for Steve Forbes has been at East Tennessee State……

+++++Steve Forbes’ record was (130-43) in his five years as the head men’s basketball coach at East Tennessee State University….+++++

We had this up here on the website for you last night…..
**********Seeing Twitter source tonight/Wednesday, that Wake Forest has offered the basketball job to Steve Forbes, from East Tennessee State University….We will see what comes out of this update….**********
(Steve Forbes has been one of Wake’s top candidates.)

7 thoughts on “The Wake Watch is Over:Steve Forbes(East Tennessee State) new Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Wake Forest University

  1. from Twitter:

    Steve Forbes Fan Club

    This will get publicity but LOVE this Forbes quote:

    “In 1981 I got a job at McDonald’s. 20 years later I was recruiting McDonald’s all-Americans. I signed a couple. But most of my life I’ve just signed Burger King all-Americans who want to kick McDonald’s all-American’s ass.”

  2. Also from Twitter:

    J.P. Mundy

    It would appear to me that John Currie went and got HIS guy. No protracted period of dart-throwing. He looked at his list, interviewed them if he could, and got his guy. Kudos and congratulations all around. Now let’s patiently watch the rebuild. Could be fun again

  3. And more….

    Jeff Goodman

    Sources: Wake Forest believes it does not have to pay Danny Manning the $15 million he had on his existing deal because he failed to meet certain criteria. Been told Wake feels it owes Manning less than half of the $15 million. Two sides could wind up gong to court or settling

  4. Found another you might find interesting….

    Brian Formica

    Wake fans, my heart just aches for you. You deserve better. Groundhog day…..

  5. Still finding some very interesting comments on this topic…

    Gary Parrish…CBS Sports

    Just got off the phone with Wake Forest coach Steve Forbes. He said he’s taking his staff with him. “It’s a family-deal with me,” he noted.

    The lone exception could be Jason Shay, if he gets promoted at ETSU. “I want Jason to get the job,” Forbes said. “He deserves it.

  6. Les Johns

    Wake Forest basketball coach Steve Forbes: “These guys today are my players. I hope they all want to come be a part of it. We’re going to work really hard over the next one-to-three weeks to build a relationship with these guys and try to get this roster back intact.”

  7. We have come up with some good ones, and here is another good one…

    Lauren Walsh

    I asked @ForbesWakeHoops how he plans to handle in-state recruiting going up against the Triangle schools.

    Forbes: “I’m not afraid to recruit against anyone.”

    Added he’s very familiar with the area and he’s excited to get to work on the recruiting trail.


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