NCHSAA Could Allow Schools to return to the Fields with Summer Workouts on June 1

Have been talking to some local coaches, and their feeling was that the high schools might be forced to remain at their home base until July, and the Summer Workouts would have to be home-schooled until July arrives…

But we are seeing and reading today/Tuesday, that the NCHSAA might allow the return of Summer Workouts as early as June 1…That would be a plus for the area teams, and that would pretty much put/get the preseason football programs back on schedule…

Again we have been hearing the date July 1, but today, we are seeing from that June 1 may be the new target date for workouts at the schools to resume…

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The N.C. High School Athletic Association could allow summer workouts to begin as early as June 1, as it expires the dead period that has been in place since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before summer workouts and other activities can resume though, state & local governments must give it the green light, including local school districts.

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  1. This is not happening. NO HS sports are starting before Major League Sports. They at least got a plan. You is doing this plan? We are still trying to figure out how we are going to try to open schools in August and you talking about bringing kids together in close proximity for a workout for a season that may not even happen. College sports is not even a guarantee yet, unless kids come back on campus.

  2. I do not look for this to happen. I saw where July 1 was also a possibility. A third option was August 1. This seems more realistic. I may be wrong and I hope I am but I do not see this happening either. The one option I also saw was starting practice the day the kids go back to school. This seems more realistic to me. I love football and look forward to getting back on the field (BTW I am going back to NE Guilford) because I realize that every opportunity lost is a personal hit to me because my coaching days are numbered so I want to get in as many as possible. The day I have to hang it up will not be something I look forward to. But the reality is nothing is worth any coach, player, manager, or trainer catching this virus so I do not want to force anything. I also read that there will be no school (which means no activities) until a vaccine is administered. My main point is we can discuss this all we want but it is not going to happen until the people who are in charge (experts) say it will happen and that is how it should be.

  3. I think the high school teams, such as football, are just trying to get back on the fields and get some kind of workouts going….

    Don’t think we will see any 7 on 7 Passing Tournaments this Summer, but if they could get in some Organized Team Activities, that would be a step in the right direction…

    The East-West All-Star Games will be a good sign/indicator of the times to come…How those games are played and handled might give us a good indication of what we might see with high school football in August…

  4. If they didn’t start practice until the first day of school, how many games would they play this season of 2020?

    Wonder how this would change the schedules??

    Do you eliminate non-conference games and just play conference games???

    How about the smaller conferences with just 5 teams. Would they still be able to get in some non-conference games????

    There will be a lot to be done/decided, when the season finally arrives….

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