Ace Speedway draws right at 4,000 fans on Saturday Night with very few Masks and very little Social Distancing

They let the fans in on Saturday night at Ace Speedway, in Alamance County, and the group assembled to watch the auto racing was the biggest crowd that they have had at the racetrack in years…

Right at 4,000 fans is what we are seeing from the newspaper and TV reports, and from the photos we have seen, there were very few fans wearing protective masks, and social distancing practices were nearly impossible, with the huge crowd gathered at the small raceway…

See for yourself, when you look below at the photo from Amanda Ferguson, with WFMY NEWS 2 Sports and being shown/posted on Twitter….

Governor Roy Cooper had said NO outdoor crowds of more than 25-50 people, but Alamance County officials gave the Ace Speedway permission to go ahead with the auto racing on Saturday night, and there seems to be total disregard for the Governor’s Phase Two regulations/guidelines/restrictions….

To each their own/every man and woman for themselves, and the crowd that came out on Saturday night wanted to get outside so bad, they were willing to forget about any COVID-19/Coronavirus concerns and they(the fans) just wanted to go see racing….

There will NO FANS allowed at the Coca Cola 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte on Sunday, but the race will be shown on FOX TV, with the Green Flag waving at 6pm….

As for the Ace Speedway on Saturday night, it appears that the fans who attended the race, consider Governor Roy Copper’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 guidelines to be total restrictions, and these restrictions are an infringement on their American rights and freedom…..

There also appears that there is a real prevalent confusion, on how strict and how much enforcement there really is when it comes to Governor Roy Cooper’s COVID-19 Phases to Follow, and we are currently supposed to involved in Governor Cooper’s Phase II part of his overall COVID Recovery Plan….

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Thousands of racing fans packed the stands at Ace Speedway

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Thousands of racing fans packed the stands Saturday night at Ace Speedway.

Sheriff Terry Johnson revealed that he would not interfere with the event and called Governor Roy Cooper’s executive order “unconstitutional.”

FOX8 saw large crowds of people and very few people in masks.

The track reopened at 7 p.m. to a packed house. The season was supposed to start last month but was delayed because of the pandemic.

Racing staff wore face coverings and large signs were posted encouraging social distancing and sanitation.

Phase 2 restrictions limit outside gatherings to 25 people.

From families who live locally to racing fans traveling from outside of the state, they told FOX8 they weren’t going to live in fear.

“We’re tired of being stuck in the house. I’m not afraid of this virus one bit,” said spectator Becky Woosley.

“I’m wearing my mask. I would have liked to see people wearing their mask,” said Brad Flynt, who drove from Richmond to watch the races.

We reached out to racing officials about the number of people who came out Saturday and were told no comment.