Saving/Salvaging the Seniors’ Seasons:Is it Possible???(Maybe if they go to a Private School)

Saving/Salvaging the High School Seniors’ Spring Seasons….Is it possible??? Like we said back in March, maybe so, if the high school seniors re-class and attend a private school, in 2020-2021….

Is there any way possible to get that senior year of high school back? There may be some students, and parents of those students, that are not willing to let go, and not willing to give away that last year, which for many of them was a lost year, and now which way do they go, other than the private school route….

Here is what Hornet 77 said, when we first hit with this question back in March, just as the high school Spring sports seasons were being eliminated for 2020….

77 Hornet said,
Then there’s the option of junior college. GTCC, RCCC etc.

Here is what another former WG Hornet was telling us this past weekend….
I am very angry about the way these Spring High School Athletes have been treated because of the Coronavirus…We should have never shut the country down…

I propose that ALL Senior Spring Sport Athletes should have the option to return for their Senior year…If they choose to, then the college they have been accepted to, if a state school, has to grant a one-year deferment…

They can attend a local community college and get college credits while working out in the Fall and playing in the Spring…Not all athletes will do this, but I have talked to many who would….

Go to the local community college in the Fall, and then go back and play for their old local high school in the Spring…

The NCAA is allowing Seniors to do this, so even if a high school kid has a scholarship, or is preparing to walk on to a team, they will have virtually no shot of any playing time, or making the team…

I have been told that after World War II, Grimsley students returned to class and were even allowed to play sports after serving in the war…It was an unusual set of circumstances, and so is our current situation, with the Coronavirus/COVID-19…This is like a war event, and in some ways like War War II…Very similar circumstances….

The NCHSAA could make this happen, but they choose to not make any hard decisions…The NCHSAA merely follows the governor and does everything he says, and does not waiver one bit…

I have a nephew who was having a very good baseball year for one of our local high schools, when they shut things down…He was hoping to catch the eye of some colleges and is strongly considering walking on at Appalachian State, but knows the odds are long with them allowing all of their Seniors back next year…

I know parents who would love for their kids to have the option the college kids have been given…Why isn’t the NCHSAA stepping up on this???

Which way do we go?????

**********Here’s what we were saying here at the site, back in March….**********
(See below)

How many High School Seniors will seek an Extra Year of high school to make sure that they can get their Full Spring Sports Season???(Which Way Will They Go?)

The question is flying around this week….

Will Guilford County high school seniors seek a 5th year of high school to make sure that that they get in their Full year of Spring Sports???

Do you think we will see a large number of area high school students re-classing so that they can still have a chance to play their full year of Spring Sports…

Baseball and softball players, lacrosse athletes, those in track and field, tennis, soccer and more…..

Will the stimulus be enough for them to seek an extra year of high school sports participation at the Private School level?

If they miss their senior year of Spring Sports, then they could re-class and attend a private school in 2020-2021, and still get in their full senior year of high school athletics….

Would the time and cost be worth it for a high school senior???

Or do you just say, what the heck, let me finish my last semester on-line and that will be fine…

Wonder how many athletes will give this any consideration?

For some, they may just say, let’s get all of this senior season nightmare over with, and I am done with this high school mess…

Others may feel they need that full senior Spring Season of sports to get them to the next level, where they want to seek a college scholarship, and feel like without that last full year of high school athletics, their chances on the college level will be minimized…

It will cost them another whole year of high school, and it will cost their parents the price of the students attending the private schools….

Is all of this worth the final price that the students will have to pay, if they decide to come back, and go the private high school route in a Senior Season, on the re-class level?

Are the seniors ready for a Senior Trip, just as soon as the final computer laptop is closed in 2020, or do you think we will see seniors coming back for another shot of high school athletics, in 2020-2021?

I wonder if you could skip the Fall semester in 2020-2021, and just show up and attend the Private School and play Spring Sports for the Spring Semester, of 2020-2021? Stay home and go to GTCC for the Fall and then go back to high school and play your Spring sport next year in 2021…

What all is possible here, and which way will the seniors of 2020 go???

The door is OPEN, will you walk on through, grab your diploma, and say you are done with high school, or do you walk out the door and walk right back in, for one more year on the high school level???

The more you think about it, the more complicated this answer becomes……

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  1. Wesleyan Christian would be a tremendous option for those looking to reclassify and get a fair shot at their final year of high school athletics.

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