Five Questions for Former Grimsley HS Football Coach Jeff Smouse:Looking back at his time leading the Whirlies with Rodo Robinson, Ethan Albright and more!!!

A while back, when the topic was on Your Top/Favorite All-Time Coach, Rodo Robinson, a former Grimsley Whirlie, brought up his old football coach Jeff Smouse….

We caught up with Coach Smouse, by way of Facebook, and here is what the coach had to say, and we thank him for his time and response to our questions from…

We hope you enjoy this bit of a trip back through time, with Coach Jeff Smouse…

**********Andy Durham with 5 Questions for former Grimsley Whirlies’ football Coach Jeff Smouse….**********

1)What are some of your favorite memories of coaching football at Grimsley High School?
Jeff Smouse:The best part of coaching at Grimsley was the people there. Players and parents.

2)Ronald Rodo Robinson said you were one of the best coaches he ever had, remember Ronald Rodo Robinson??
JS:I definitely remember Rodo and Reggie. Ask Rodo about his score at the end of Independence game.

3)Was the Grimsley-Page game, more than just a game???
JS:At the time, the Page win in the playoffs was more than a game. It led to a pretty good playoff run that got the Page streak off the players’ backs.

4)Was Greensboro a great place to raise a family????
JS:Greensboro was a great place for family, we loved the diversity.

5) You must be very proud of Ethan Albright, one of your former top players and now the Grimsley athletic director?????
JS:I have always been proud of Ethan. He has been a great person, son, husband, father and player. Now he is doing a fantastic job as AD.