Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Up first Today we have High Point Central High School(Home of the Bison)

Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Today we begin our Senior Takeover/Senior Stampedes with High Point Central High School, Home of the Bison.

Time for our “Senior Celebration” for the High Point Central Bison, led by their Athletic Director Mike Cook…Coach Cook, as we call him, has sent his list of Bison that are moving out from High Point Central High School, here in Guilford County, and on to college, in a number of different new cities…Mason Bowers, the Big Bison lineman, from Coach Wayne Jones’ football teams, is taking his game on to college down at Coastal Carolina University, in Conway, South Carolina…We take time to Celebrate Mason Bowers and all of the HP Central Bison here today…..

Mike Cook leads the Bison in his AD role and he receives a huge amount of support from his administration, including Mr. Glenn, the assistant principal for 9th grade…Ms. Robinson, assistant principal for 10th grade…Mr. Hagerman, assistant principal for 11th grade, and Ms. Rogers, assistant principal for the 12th grade

Time to crank up the Pomp and Circumstance music, as we head across the big stage set here at….This is the long version of P&C so we should be able to get all of our Senior Athletes from HP Central in here today…Enjoy…

High Point Central Senior Athletes
We have the Student for you, the College that they will attend, the Sport they played at High Point Central and if they will play that Sport in College…

Maggie Smith- UGA-Soccer/VB-NO

Anna Horne-UNCW-VB/Softball-NO

Max Biesecker- Ohio State-Soccer-NO

Mackenzie Peacock- UNC-Chapel Hill-VB/ W Lax-NO

Sarah Faith Amos-ECU-Tennis/W Lax-NO

Jack Winther- App State-Baseball and M Lax (Sr Yr)-NO

Elizabeth Boger-Duke-W Tennis-NO

Grayson Lackey-App State-Basketball/Baseball-NO

Hollie Ratchford-NC State- VB-NO

Tyler Rhodes-NC State- M Soc/ M Golf-NO

Matheus Barbee-Northwestern-Swimming-NO

Sydney Hardee-UNC-Chapel Hill-Swimming-NO

Erleen Ellis-Chathan University- W Lax-YES

Taylor Permenter-CoC-W Tennis- NO

Gabe Adams-FB/Track-UNCW-NO

Emmy Weiland- NC State-VB/W Soccer-NO

Grayson Rosser-UNC-Chapel Hill-W Lax, W Swimming- NO

Gwyn Erikson-CoC-W Soccer-NO

Nic Forster-NC State- Baseball-NO

Lilly Bovio-UNC-Chapel Hill-W Tennis, W Swimming, W Lax-NO

Jalen Martin-NC State- Baseball, Basketball-NO

Camryn Torrence-A and T-Cheerleading-NO

Shaunae Smith-Cheerleading-WSSU-NO

Kyle Kerestes-NC State- Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball-NO

Ashley Anne Combs- App State- VB/ W Soc-NO

Austin Lamb-App State- FB and Wrestling-NO

Mason Bowers- Coastal Carolina- FC, Basketball, Track-YES

Will Myers-UNC-Charlotte-Swimming, M Lax-NO

Chesten Lytch- Livingstone College- FB, Track-YES

Zhamoura McPhail-HPU- Track-YES

Quinn Culler- Coastal Carolina-Soccer and Lax-NO

Justin Brookshire-NC State- Lax-NO

Josh Wheatley- UNC-Charlotte-Lax-NO

Marli Hess-UNC-Charlotte-W Soccer-NO

Harrison Houck-UNC-Charlotte-Lax-NO

Beau Harris- South Carolina-Soccer and Lax-NO

Nick Sojka-Notre Dame- Lax-NO

Destiny Patterson-WSSU-Cheer-NO

Kam Townsend-UNCP-Swimming and Lax-NO

Tyrone Brown- FB, Wrestling Track,???-NO

Aaliyah Bays- UNC Charlotte-Cheer-NO

And as soon as all of the HP Central Senior Athletes are finished marching to P&C, it is time to crank up Kool and the Gang, our ‘Band of the Year’ for 2020, and the Celebration begins for our High Point Central High School Class of 2020 Senior Athletes…Congratulations Bison!!!!!
(Time for the “Senior Celebration”)