What’s Happening Today???:Blackout Tuesday

This is the biggest stream I am seeing today on Twitter…

Blackout Tuesday….

3 thoughts on “What’s Happening Today???:Blackout Tuesday

  1. Rodney V. Smith
    the blackout tuesday does NOT mean to simply post a black picture and leave social media for the day. It means to stop promoting your own stuff for 24 hours, and instead amplify the voices & projects of Black creators, writers, directors, activists and more. pass it on.

  2. Joe White

    Would you rather people said nothing, rather than show a bit of solidarity. Those people putting those black squares, they are more than likely explain to their white kids what this black squares mean. And them kids will put into action what those black squares mean. It helps!

  3. Several Different Viewpoints:


    I’m very confused. Half my timeline is telling me if I don’t post a black square to my Instagram, I’m complicit. The other half says if I do, I’m performative. I really don’t want to fuel more distraction. Instead, I’m donating money, encouraging voting, and amplifying POC voices

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