It’s A Sad Day in the city of Greensboro:Parks and Recreation Outdoor Basketball Is Gone(GPR took down the Basketball Rims)

Sunday is basketball day, has been for close to 45 years now for me…

Try to get in a game or two, of many sorts and variations, or just get in the regular Sunday afternoon shooting workouts….

Went by the Forest Valley outdoor basketball court today/Sunday, and was hoping to get in a few shots at least, but I guess from now on, I will have to do my hoops shooting on the goal in Tim Wiggins’ driveway, if I decide to enter Forest Valley

I was pulling up to the court in my car, but I had to just drive on by Forest Valley, and mark this down in my mental ‘Basketball Notebook’.

Forest Valley is no longer anything like a “Happy Valley”….

As my title is trying to tell all of you, “It’s A Sad Day in the City of Greensboro”

Parks and Recreation Basketball as we once knew it is, GONE!!!!!

The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department took down the basketball rims at Forest ValleyForest Valley is one of the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department’s Outdoor basketball courts….

Drove by the Forest Valley basketball court on Sunday, and the rims were gone…Naked, Bare, Stripped, GONE!!!!!

Just a real Sad Sight, and we had no prior warning….There was no sign when I was at the court last Sunday saying that the court or the park was closed….

Very poor communication on the part of the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department….We got no warning, no prior notification that something was going on…

What did we do wrong???

Were there any laws being broken? I don’t think so.

I saw this kid on Twitter yesterday, and he was trying to get in a basketball workout, but the rims had been taken off of his workout basketball goal…The kid was just jumping up and down, and touching the basketball goal’s backboard….

Backboard Jumping and Touching….I guess that will be the new norm during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic.

Somebody would have to psychotic to steal those double-rims. Who in the heck would want to make off with some double-rims???

The Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department took them away and this is a real slap in the face to those who might use those basketball goals on a daily basis, and for those of us who use them on the weekends…

Where are we going with this?

Well today I had to head back to Jefferson School and I was lucky enough to get my shots in there, and I was just lucky enough to get a court spot today and get the shots in…Every time I see my doctor, he always asks me if I have had my shots, and I usually tell him that I got them in on Sunday afternoon….

The Jefferson School court may soon become a basketball wasteland…The crowds have grown there on Sundays, to the point where on many Sunday afternoons, this court is a “Concrete Jungle”…The place gets PACKED and the crowds have come from Guilford College, after Guilford shut down their outdoor basketball court due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19….

Pretty soon the nets at Jefferson School will be shot/gone/worn out and we will be shooting on bare rims…You have so many balls going through the current nets, that they will not be long for this ‘basketball world’

This is all part of of the changes we see due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic, I guess….If not, I am still wondering why all of this going on….

We were able to get in a good Soccer Workout at Guilford College on Saturday, but those days are GONE too….

Security informed us that we needed to finish up our Soccer work on Saturday, and then take our game to another location next week…The Guilford fields have now been posted Off Limits, but the security man was nice enough to let us finish what we doing with our Soccer Game on Saturday….

It might be time to start looking for a way to invest in a new Durham Athletic Park, here in Greensboro….I could get a GO FUND ME drive going and raise enough money to buy a few acres of land and turn it into the Durham Athletic Park…Sort of has a nice ring to it, and I have never heard that name used before, have you???

Not sure which way this is going next, but if Oliver Wendell Douglas still has some of that farm land remaining from his Green Acres Show, maybe he would sell me a few of his Green Acres, and we could turn that into the Durham Athletic Park….

I am looking for suggestions, and I am also going to be looking/searching for those Double Rims, from the Forest Valley Outdoor Basketball Court….

**********A Go Fund Me page, Durham Athletic Park and Green Acres…We might be on to something here…..***********