Alamance County Judge rules with the state of North Carolina and Governor Cooper, in saying Ace Speedway will be host to 25 Racing Fans, or remain Closed!!!!!(No Race at Ace)

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A judge in Alamance County is siding with the state ruling that the Ace Speedway violated the North Carolina governor’s order by allowing thousands of fans to attend races.

Wednesday’s/Today’s ruling means the track cannot currently hold races.

The judge is also encouraging race organizers to work with the state to figure out a way to have races that work with current restrictions.

Phase 2 of the governor’s order limits gathering to 25 people but thousands of fans attended several races.

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  1. from Isaac Groves with the Burlington Times-News:

    GRAHAM — Ace Speedway will stay closed or follow state rules under a preliminary injunction from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services after a memorandum Wednesday, June 24, from Superior Court Judge Tom Lambeth to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    “The plaintiff made a clear and compelling showing that a public health emergency exists in Alamance County, and that the plaintiff’s action in issuing the Order of Abatement was reasonably necessary to address the public health emergency,” Lambeth wrote.

    The decision enforces a DHHS abatement order that closed the track and offered a chance to propose a plan following state limits on the number of spectators and other safety guidelines.

    Robert Turner and Jason Turner, owners and operators of the Altamahaw race track, started meeting with county officials in mid-May, before Gov. Roy Cooper’s Order 141. The order loosened COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, but still held outdoor mass gatherings to 25 people or fewer. The owners had hoped they would be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity with precautions, like restaurants, according to county records, and said it was not viable for them as business owners to hold races without fans, like NASCAR. Chuck Kitchen, the Turners’ lawyer, said the limit on spectators would effectively close the track.

    It is unclear how closely the track held to even those essentially self-imposed restrictions when it opened May 23 with 2,500 or more spectators.

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