Several Area High Schools Delaying Start of Athletics Until July 20

Here is the list, with Guilford County still on pace to re-lace and return to their Athletics Space on Monday July 6, but others have pushed their return back to July 20….
**********(The Guilford County Schools have changed course…See the change to a July 20 restart in the Comment Box.)**********

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of our athletes and coaches WSFCS has decided to postpone the start of athletics until Monday July 20 at the earliest. With number of Covid-19 cases rising right now we feel its best to pause at this time

This news was also breaking on Tuesday evening:
BREAKING: Durham Public Schools will not resume high school sports activities until at least July 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic…


  1. GCS Postponing Athletic and Marching Band Restart

    In alignment with the governor’s recent decision as part of Executive Order No. 147 to extend Phase 2 of North Carolina’s reopening plan, Staying Ahead of the Curve, through July 17 Guilford County Schools (GCS) is postponing the restart of athletic conditioning and marching band practices.

    Instead of beginning on Monday, July 6, GCS will restart activities on Monday, July 20, pending further public health guidance or executive orders. The district remains strongly committed to our athletics, marching band and other student activities and will restart these programs as soon as public health indicates it is safe to do so.

  2. Just not going to happen. ALso not safe enough yet. No HS in the triad can afford to do daily rapid testing or have the staff to sanitize ALL the equipment constantly. We all know the second one kid gets sick it is lawsuits galore and school districts want no part of that. Not even sure kids are going back to school. No football this year guys face it. Small chance we get nfl since they can afford it and they have the big tv contracts to honor.

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