The ACC Head Football Coaches Could Get Their Schedules On Wednesday

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If the ACC presidents approve moving forward with the 2020 football season when they meet on Wednesday, the league’s head coaches could receive their schedules on that same day, a source close to the situation told TMG on Sunday.

The ACC athletics directors have been looking at several scheduling models that will be presented to the presidents on Wednesday:

**–The current 12-game schedule which will start on Sept. 5. That is considered to be the least likely scenario.

**–A schedule of 10 conference games and one non-conference game, which would move the start of the season to Sept. 12. This one would provide the most income from its television partners.

**–A schedule of eight conference games plus one non-conference game with a start date of around Sept. 26. This gives schools more flexability to move games if necessary.

The schedule model the coaches receive will not have the dates or times for the games, according to the source.

It is expected that the last two scheduling options would bring in Notre Dame as a full member of the ACC for one year only and eligible to play for the conference championship. It is also expected that the ACC would do away with divisional play and chose the top two teams in the 15-team league to play in the conference championship game.

Another factor that may go into scheduling, said the source, was trying to balance the number of flights versus the number of bus rides when it comes to travel for each team.

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  1. Tony Barnhart
    @MrCFB…..Mr. College Football

    The athletics directors have said they want to monitor MLB (which started last week), the NBA (which starts Thursday), and NFL training camp (which starts tomorrow). They also want to see students back on campus. How can you get all that data and still start season on Sept. 5?

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