Where Can You Still Get A Decent Pancake In This Town? (IHOP, plus Tex and Shirley’s on Battleground both GONE!!!)

So where can you still get a decent Pancake in this town???

On the West side of town, we no longer have the IHOP, plus Tex and Shirley’s is gone too…

Two of the top Pancake places in the entire city of Greensboro, both gone, and the IHOP was around nearly 50 years, and the same could be said for Tex and Shirley’s, as they were also around for nearly 50 years…

Half a century or more of great pancakes, and now no more….

Has the West side of town become a Pancake Desert???

There has to be a lot of you out there who went in on/for the “All You Can Eat Pancake Special”, at Tex and Shirley’s in the Friendly Shopping Center, and at the IHOP on Battleground Avenue…..

The flapjacks, the hotzcakes, the hotcakes, the pancakes are GONE….Now they are just a fluffy memory of butter and syrup…

What you gonna do?

What you gonna do??

What you gonna do, when the Pancakes run out on you???

?????Where Can You Still Get A Decent Pancake In This Town??????

**********Is Herbie’s on Battleground Ave. the answer?**********
(It almost looks like the West side of Greensboro has become a Pancake Desert.)

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  1. Other than Herbie’s, is there anybody else serving up Pancakes on Battleground Avenue???

    Maybe McDonald’s from 6-10am???

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