The ACC intends to play College Football in the Fall of 2020:The ACC “Absolutely” plans on playing Fall Football(Tuesday Statement from the ACC)


ACC ‘absolutely’ intends to play 2020 college football season after league meetings Monday
ACC athletic directors and presidents shared similar sentiments in separate conference calls

A murky day for college football got a bit brighter for those who hope to see the sport on the field in 2020 as an ACC official told CBS Sports on Monday said the conference “absolutely” intends on playing this fall. The comment from a high-ranking source within the league came after an ACC conference call with athletic directors and a similar call involving university presidents.

“We are trying to move forward [with playing] absolutely,” the ACC official said.

Though that is the sentiment throughout the league, the official does not expect the ACC to make a definitive announcement either way on Monday.

The day started with expectations that the Power Five might go dark this week. Big Ten presidents are meeting Monday night with the expectation that conference’s season will ultimately be canceled.

“I don’t know if there is a drop dead time period [to decide],” the ACC official said. “We don’t start play until Sept. 12 as a league.”

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6 thoughts on “The ACC intends to play College Football in the Fall of 2020:The ACC “Absolutely” plans on playing Fall Football(Tuesday Statement from the ACC)

  1. ESPN is reporting the Big10 just announced the postponement of football until spring.

  2. Dave Goren

    My question, as an interested observer and college instructor: what happens when CFB players are exposed to the rest of the student population, who may not be as concerned, and thus less likely to tow the line of physical/social distancing?

  3. Dr. Cameron Wolfe, the chairman of the ACC’s medical advisory team, told the Sports Business Daily that he believes football can be played this season and be done so safely.

    Wolfe, a Duke infectious disease specialist, expects the conference to try to play. Wolfe’s confidence comes from information doctors have gathered since COVID-19 put a halt to college sports in March.

    “We believe we can mitigate it down to a level that makes everyone safe,” Wolfe told Sports Business Daily. “Can we safely have two teams meet on the field? I would say yes.”

  4. Rusty Mansell

    Sidenote.. Alabama and Tennessee high school football seasons begin next week with games.

  5. Wes Durham

    The words of @theACC, @SEC and @Big12Conference tonight(Tuesday) are that we are still on the road to play, which is reasonable. With students returning to campuses, it’s an important couple weeks for 2020 fall sports to have a chance in September…..

  6. Tony Barnhart(Mr. College Football)

    Your reading assignment for this morning from
    @ByPatForde. College football is officially divided but it’s not just between the conferences. It’s players, coaches, and athletics directors vs. Presidents, Trustees and lawyers

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