Word Coming In:The Big Ten has Postponed its Fall Football Season and will attempt to play in the Spring

**********The Big Ten has Postponed its Fall Football Season and will attempt to play in the Spring**********


  1. As the Big Ten and Pac-12 seem close to canceling or postponing their seasons, the SEC and ACC want to forge on. And in the middle sits the Big 12, who is still “really split.”

    The Big Ten is GONE, and what can we expect to happen next….

  2. from Sports Illustrated.com:

    Tuesday’s/Today’s most definitive call could come out West.

    The Pac-12 is expected to vote on a 2020 season during a presidential meeting Tuesday.

    While many high-ranking sources within the industry expect them to end their attempt at a fall season, the conference could choose to significantly delay kickoff.

    In an interview with ESPN radio, Utah team doctor Dave Petron suggested a delay is the likely course for the conference. The Pac-12 is scheduled to start Sept. 26, already well behind the original kickoff date.

    ++++++The SEC is also set to crank up and get started on September 26…..++++++

  3. Clay Travis

    The Big Ten is a disaster. And spring isn’t happening. Feel bad for Big Ten fans…..

  4. Brett McMurphy

    Big Ten cancels fall football season with plans to play in spring, sources told @Stadium.

    There are now 41 of 130 FBS programs that will not play in fall. Pac-12 expected to also cancel fall season today, sources said……

  5. Rusty Mansell

    Sidenote.. Alabama and Tennessee high school football seasons begin next week with games.

  6. @ReceDavis
    Makes a great point here. If the Big Ten is not playing because of medical information it has obtained, then that information needs to be shared with everybody. Now.

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