Former Star from WCW heyday has passed away:Ralphus worked with Chris Jericho and Norman Smiley and made a Major Impact on World Championship Wrestling

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Former WCW personality Ralphus (John Riker) passed away some time in the last year.

Chris Jericho, who used Ralphus as his personal security in WCW, revealed during his “Saturday Night Special #21” stream this weekend that the Boston native passed away some time in the last year.

“I just found out he passed away like last year. God bless John Riker, that was his real name,” Jericho said during the stream.

Ralphus, who also worked as a truck driver for WCW, debuted in the comedic role with Jericho in 1998. He later worked with Normal Smiley in WCW after Jericho left for WWE.

Ralphus made some pro wrestling convention and signing appearances after being taken off WCW TV in 2000, but that was the end of his run in the business.