Residents of Rock Hill, S.C. upset with Renovations going on around Carolina Panthers new Practice Facility

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ROCK HILL, N.C. – In about 3 years, the Carolina Panthers will be heading to Rock Hill for practices.

There have been mixed feelings about the move, especially from those who own property down the street from the new facility.

“I felt good about it. I know I’m a senior and my taxes will go up, but at the same time, I love it.” Jennie Hughes has lived along Eden Terrace for 16 years, and is thrilled to know her Panthers will be down the street.

She, along with her neighbors though, have had a tough time adjusting to the construction in the area.

In May, her neighbor Greg Grimes said construction crews came to dig up their driveways and parts of their yard, with no warning. “They had a meeting and they showed us all what they were doing, but they never asked us if we were happy,” Greg explained.

Grimes and Hughes said crews put a water pipe down to connect to the facility, but that installment caused some issues.

Hughes pointed out the grass doesn’t grow evenly anymore and crews messed up the roots to her nearly 100-year-old tree. She also said there’s now a draining issue when it rains.

“When the rain comes down, it comes down in the drive-way instead of the ditch. It comes here and cracks.”

On the corner of Hutchison Place, is 90-year-old Mildred Powell. She and her husband have lived on Eden Terrace for 45 years, and have never had any issues prior-to the construction for the facility. They’re now left with puddles in their yard from the construction.

“We thought one of the pipes, or the things they put in the ground was leaking, cause it’s been that way ever since they went down through here, and done all this… and he can’t cut his grass up there like he wants to.”