WWE continues to show Loyal Employees the ‘Door’:Jerry/Gerald Brisco told to go home during Wednesday night phone call with WWE CEO Vince McMahon

**********A loyal employee like Jerry/Gerald Brisco ought to be able to call their own shots, and leave when they are ready to go(After 36 years of service why not be allowed to leave on your own terms?), but WWE CEO Vince McMahon does not see it that way…Jerry/Gerald Brisco was shown “The Door” again last night…Brisco said he would be more than happy to stick around and help out with the company, but Vince McMahon has an unwritten company rule that reads, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya”…At least it goes something like that, when the WWE talent get their notice…..**********

from www.wrestlinginc.com….

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco has been released after 36 years with the company.

Brisco, who has scouted potential new talent for WWE since 2010, revealed on Twitter that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon called him last night and informed him of the release. He noted that he will still be around to help talent with what they need.

“Ok, want to get this out the right way. Last night I received a call from @wwe Chairman Of The board @VinceMcMahon to let me know after 36 years of dedication to @wwe i an no longer needed. I’m ok with this. I will still be around to help talent. More info will follow. Thanks,” Brisco wrote.

It was actually reported back in April that Brisco was released from his contract as a part of the company-wide cuts brought on by COVID-19. However, Brisco later clarified those reports and said he was just furloughed, as many employees were. Now it looks like the company has fully parted ways with him.

The Brisco Brothers first started working as in-ring talents for WWE in 1984. They retired in 1985 and Gerald started working as an agent. One of his most popular roles was as one of Vince’s “stooges” with WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson during the Attitude Era. Brisco won the WWE 24/7 Title earlier this year during the RAW Reunion show, making him the third person to ever win the WWE Hardcore Title and the 24/7 Title.

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  1. More from WrestlingInc.com:

    Longtime WWE employee “IRS” Mike Rotunda has been officially released from the company.

    Rotunda was officially released as a part of today’s cutbacks, according to PWInsider. He was originally furloughed back in April, but just now released altogether. As noted at this link, the same thing happened with WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco today. You can click here for our original report on today’s cuts and which departments were being hit the hardest.

    Rotunda, the father of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, had worked as a WWE agent/producer since 2006. He retired from in-ring action in 2004, and is a former WWE Tag Team Champion.

  2. Fritz Von Mulkey Thought balloon

    Jerry Brisco should have had a paycheck for life from the WWE. Selling Georgia was a major key to WWF winning. Vince is scum.

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