Bowl Games:”Top Ten Cereals List”(Just Found out, “Trix Are For Kids”, and we found a box of “Apple Jacks”!!!!!)

We have had this on our mind all week long, so we decided to go ahead and come up with a “Top Ten Cereals List”, and this is a serious list, of cereals….

Below you will see the Top Ten and a few other cereal comments, plus on Tuesday night, at the Harris Teeter grocery store, we saw a box of “Trix” cereal and noticed another Kellog’s entry into the ‘Cereal Bowl” and that was a box of “Apple Jacks”….

The cereal killer will love reading about all of these different offerings, for the ‘Cereal Bowl”…We need to take the TOP FOUR, from the Top Ten, and enter them into a Final Four, for 2002…Here we go, as we begin to build the hype for the ‘Cereal Bowl’, of 2020…..
(And remember, “Trix Are For Kids”.)

Here we go with that Top Ten Cereals List
(I hope that none of these/our favorites have been discontinued.)

1)Sugar Smacks
2)Sugar Pops
3)Fruit Loops
4)Captain Crunch
5)Frosted Flakes
6)Cocoa Krispies
8)Raisin Bran
9)Rice Krispies
10)A Bowl of Hot Oatmeal

**********Kudos to Kellog’s, as we feel that Kellog’s is the King of Breakfast Cereals…..***********

++++++++++You may even remember some of the old names from the Cereal commercials/boxes, “Tony the Tiger(Frosted Flakes) like Tucan Sam(Fruit Loops), Sugar Pops Pete(Sugar Pops), “The Captain”(Captain Crunch), Pebbles and Bam Bam(Fruity Pebbles), The Leprechaun(Lucky Charms), all of the celebrities that appeared on the Wheaties boxes, like Bruce Jenner and others…I’m thinking “Tony the Tiger”, from Frosted Flakes, might be the most famous cereal celebrity…++++++++++

7 thoughts on “Bowl Games:”Top Ten Cereals List”(Just Found out, “Trix Are For Kids”, and we found a box of “Apple Jacks”!!!!!)

  1. Cinnamon Toast, Raisin Toast, French Toast….I have tried them all, but have not tried Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal….

    Sounds good…Sort of makes you think of Honey Nut Cheerios….

    Also brings back some memories of Chex cereals….Wheat Chex, Rice Chex, Honey Nut Chex…

  2. Cocoa Pebbles over cocoa krispies all day every day, also adding cinnamon toast crunch. Back in the day Kix was it

  3. Another one came up in a discussion among several Cereal Lovers last night…

    Do any of you remember Alphabets Cereal???
    (I think it was a Post Company Cereal.)

    Alphabets Cereal was one of those cereals where the milk that was left over after you finished the cereal, really tasted good…

    That was one of the best parts of the Cereal Bowl experience…The milk that was left over, after all of the cereal was gone…

    You could turn up the bowl and just drink down that Cereal Milk…

    Drinking that Cereal Milk, was like crossing the Goal Line in the Cereal Bowl…

    Ahhhh, the good taste of that Cereal Bowl Milk, especially when you had just finished a bowl of Sugar Smacks…

    Good Stuff!!!!!

  4. One more interesting part of our Cereal Bowl search was found on the shelves at the Harris Teeter, on Tuesday evening…

    We found that they also offered an Oreo Cookie cereal and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cereal…

    Those two might be a bit much, for those folk that are looking for a healthy breakfast cereal choice..,

    But, I bet the cereal milk at the end, sure would taste good….

  5. Got some good breakfast cereals coming in here…

    Are Wheaties really, “The Breakfast of Champions”???

    Anybody still eat your Wheaties these days?

    Might need some strawberries on top of those Wheaties….

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